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Study MBBS In Wuhan University At Most Reasonable Fee

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Introduction to the MBBS program

Clinical Medicine (MBBS) is designed to provide international students with an understanding of the structure and function of the human body, human behavior and normal psychological states, the etiology of common and many diseases, including mental disorders, environmentally related, the influence of environmental, social, behavioral and psychological factors on the incidence and development of diseases and the role of disease prevention, the etiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis and methods of prevention of common and multiple diseases.

The emphasis is on education. Basic knowledge of pharmacology and principles of rational clinical use of drugs; normal pregnancy and childbirth; management of common obstetric emergencies; antenatal care and delivery; family planning; health education and disease prevention; general diseases, disability, rehabilitation, and hospice care; general nursing interventions; knowledge of clinical epidemiology; basic laws on the incidence and transmission of communicable diseases; general infection prevention.

WHU – Wuhan University

Wuhan University (WHU) is one of the five largest universities in China, Study MBBS in Wuhan University, central China, with approximately 1 500 international students. The university is located next to East Lake and is known as one of the most beautiful campuses of any Chinese university. For more information about Wuhan University and life on campus, visit the WHU website.

Wuhan University officials

Wuhan University campus landscape

University of Wuhan

Cherry blossoms at Wuhan University

About the Faculty of Medicine, University of Wuhan

The School of Medicine was originally called Hubei Medical University and was merged into Wuhan University in 2000. The Faculty of Medicine has primary schools of medicine, dentistry, public health, and nursing. It has three affiliated hospitals and 35 teaching hospitals.

The hospital has 5 080 beds, 15 million outpatients per year, 50 000 inpatients per year, 25 000 major operations, and a hospital with 100 clinical and ancillary departments and 30 laboratories covering all disciplines. It has a small staff of 2,500, of which 1,125 are professors, senior doctors, assistant doctors, and associate doctors.

The university currently has over 5,100 students, of which 3,000 are undergraduate students, 1,500 are postgraduate students and 600 are international students. Through academic exchanges, it maintains excellent links and collaborations with hospitals and research institutes in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Finland, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Western Japan offers medical students a wide range of specialties, including clinical medicine (five-year, six-year, seven-year and eight-year programs), dentistry (five-year, seven-year and eight-year programs) and preventive medicine, as well as medical laboratory science, pharmacy and nursing. Clinical medicine is an ‘undergraduate specialization’ of the medical faculties directly under the Chinese Ministry of Education.

The university has two regional experimental training and demonstration centers: the Experimental Training Centre for Basic Medicine and the Experimental Training Centre for Clinical Skills. The total area of the experimental training building is 7432 m². The experimental training centers are well organized and functional. There are 2,689 of them, with a total value of RMB 42.92 million.

The Centre for Experimental Training in Basic Medicine has three experimental training facilities. Experimental training platforms for morphology, kinesiology, molecular biology, and immunology. The Center for Experimental Education of Clinical Skills has advanced medical experimental equipment, such as an intelligent simulation robot, Sim-integrated simulation robot, SimBaby integrated baby simulation robot, high simulation head model, PCR model, and obstetrics model. The laboratory is located at the WVU Medical School.

The WVU Medical School has three prestigious hospitals under its auspices, which are used for student training and continuing education. These three hospitals are Xuzhou Affiliated Dental Hospital, Xuzhou Affiliated People’s Hospital (Hubei Provincial People’s Hospital) and Wuhan University Zhongnan Hospital. The People’s Hospital has 2 680 beds and the Zhongnan Hospital has 2 100 beds.

Wuhan University School of Medicine has 11 indirectly affiliated teaching hospitals, all first class. In addition, it has six teaching and training centers in regional health centers.

Application requirements

Applicants who are not Chinese citizens must have a valid passport and a university degree or equivalent.

The application deadline is.

The application deadline is 15 June each year.

Tuition fees

The tuition fee is 40 000 RMB per year. The total cost of the six-year program is 240 000 RMB.

Career prospects

Upon completion of the six-year program, students should be able to acquire the following medical skills: Taking a complete, systematic, and accurate medical history; conducting a systematic and standardized physical and psychiatric examination; preparing standardized medical records; making and expressing an accurate clinical assessment; diagnosing and treating common and frequently encountered conditions in internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, and other medical fields; diagnosing and treating common emergency conditions; selecting emergency conditions.

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