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Study MBBS In Wuhan University At Reasonable Fee

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Wuhan University – MBBS specialists

Wuhan University is one of the “Project 211” of “Project 985”, which means that it has received full support from the Chinese local government in both construction and development financing. Zhang Zhidong founded Wuhan University in 1893 under the name of Ziqiang Institute. Since then, the university has developed significantly in the academic field and changed its name several times until it was renamed Wuhan University in 1928.

It has been called “the most beautiful university in China” but that’s not all, because even the culture and faculty members of the university teach and live by the motto “self-education, perseverance, truth-seeking and innovation”. Very few universities have such a good teaching function, which is why this university is famous for its MBBS courses for students who want to gain knowledge and experience in the field of management. These qualities have led to the university being recognized as one of the best Study MBBS in Wuhan University.

70% basic requirement for admission to 10+2 PCBE.

NEET entrance exam Yes, with sufficient marks

Course fees are around INR 3.03 Lakhs per annum.

Course duration 5+1 years

Language of instruction English

University recognition NMC and WHO approved

Key features of the university

Wuhan University has about 47,000 students enrolled in various programs, of which more than 1500 are international students.

Wuhan University is recognized as one of the best MBBS universities in China for its experienced teaching staff and affordable tuition fees.

The university offers seven undergraduate programs, including software engineering and communications, and six graduate programs, including geospatial engineering and clinical medicine in English.

Wuhan University has enrolled a large number of students wishing to study MBBS in China, and this number has been increasing over the past 10 years.


The faculties/departments of Wuhan University are as follows

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Philosophy

Chinese School of Classical Studies

School of Chinese Language and Literature

Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature

Faculty of Journalism and Communication

Art Department

Faculty of History

Faculty of Technology and more

General Medicine Faculty

General Medicine Faculty

Medical Research Institute/Center for Immunology and Metabolism

Faculty of Medicine Basic Medicine Studies

Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

HOPE School of Nursing

Wuhan University Renmin Hospital (Hubei General Hospital)

Wuhan University Zhongnan Hospital (Wuhan University Second Clinical Hospital)

Department of Stomatology (Wuhan University Stomatology Hospital)

Department of Vocational and Technical Medicine, Wuhan University

Faculty of Computer Science

Faculty of Electronic Information Sciences

Faculty of Computer Science

Faculty of Cyber Science and Technology

School of Telemetry and Information Technology

School of Geodesy and Geomatics

School of Printing and Packaging

Faculty of Natural Sciences

School of Mathematics and Statistics

Faculty of Physics and Technology

Faculty of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences

Faculty of Life Sciences

Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Institute for Advanced Studies

Faculty of Social Sciences

School of Economics and Management

Faculty of Law

Marxist School

Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration

Faculty of Sociology

School of Information Management

Wuhan Institute of Education Sciences

World Ranking

Wuhan University is ranked 335th in the world.

National ranking of Wuhan University

Wuhan University is ranked 20th in China. These rankings are given by the World University Ranking Center, which makes Wuhan University one of the best universities in China for MBBS studies.

MBBS for Pakistani Students at Wuhan University

If you decide to study MBBS in China at Wuhan University, one of the best benefits you will get is that you will get to know the advanced tools and machines that are used in today’s world.

Wuhan University has increased the number of students who want to study MBBS, and this is thanks to experienced professors.

Wuhan University has many Pakistani students that you can meet, so you will always feel at home.

University Accreditation

This university is accredited by the Ministry of Health and Education, indicating that it is one of the universities where the MBBS degree is recognized worldwide.

Commission on Education for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)

PMC of Pakistan.

World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) – MBBS Experts

Foundation for the Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) – MBBS experts

World Health Organization (WHO) – MBBS specialists

Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of China – MBBS Specialists

Why choose Wuhan University to study medicine?

Wuhan University has some of the most talented and knowledgeable professors who are always available wherever students are, and of course you get hands-on experience with the latest tools and equipment. There are other reasons for choosing Wuhan University, listed below:

Wuhan University is approved by the NMC and WHO.

It has all the facilities, and the campus is full of greenery and spacious.

The education you get here is updated, and you are introduced to the latest equipment used in the medical field.

The Wuhan University Library is also a landmark with hundreds of books in the medical field.

Tuition and fees are minimal

First-rate educational institutions for students

A safe and fun environment for all

All teaching materials and lectures are in English so there is no language barrier.

The university offers lucrative career opportunities for medical graduates

PG and MD courses are also available for medical graduates

The teacher-to-student ratio is maintained so that all students get the most out of each class and can understand everything taught in class.

The cost of living is affordable. You can easily and affordably spend your college life here.

The curriculum is updated every year to meet international standards.

Duration of MBBS at Wuhan University

The duration of the MBBS program at Wuhan University is 6 years, and during those 6 years, you will receive an education of the highest quality that differentiates you from other professionals in the same field. During the first five years, you will receive academic training and in the last year, you will get a practical introduction to real fieldwork.

MBBS course syllabus

Here are some of the subjects you study in the first five years:

Human Anatomy





Social Medicine


Forensic Medicine






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