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Tasks You Should Complete Before Summer Starts

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Summer Starts in Australia can be very tough. With the sun burning the place with its full intensity, staying indoors and keeping yourself hydrated and cool would be the only option to survive the intense summer heat. As summer approaches, people tend to feel more lazy and lethargic to do mundane tasks. Therefore, it would be nice to do some of the most important tasks while you still have a few chilly days left on the calendar.

Houses need to be prepared to cope with the summer heat. Here are some of the tasks that you should get done before the summer season starts. 

Clean Your Car Thoroughly

If you have been using your vehicle all winter, it must have gotten quite dirty from the inside. If you have been hauling your kids from school to soccer practice and other places, the floor carpets must have gotten dirty. Apart from that, the snacks and dry fruits you have been munching on while driving might have left crumbs in places you can’t see. 

Try to give your car a nice cleanse before summer starts. Because summer season means summer vacation and you can not clean the car when everyone at home might need it quite often. Clean all the compartments, wash the carpets and sanitise the dashboard to give your car a new look. 

Get Services For Your Appliances

You will require the use of air conditioners and refrigerators in the summers. You must have been using the refrigerator during the winter season as well, however, your air conditioners have been turned off for quite a while now. 

It would be a wise decision to get your Air conditioners and refrigerators serviced. Mostly, compressors need to be serviced. Compressor Overhauls can refill the coolant gas in the compressors and also fix any issues they might have. Problematic compressors can result in ammonia leakage which can be quite harmful. You might also face appliance failure. You do not want to sweat in summers because your AC stopped working out of nowhere. 

Start Packing Your Winter Wardrobe

You might not want to leave the winter wardrobe packing for the summer. Even a single glance at parka jackets in summer can make you feel sweaty. Therefore, it would be wise to put your warmest clothes aside. 

You do not have to pack all your winter stuff and shiver during the cold nights. Make sure you keep the light layers available for the transition period. 

Prepare Yourself For The Transition Period

The transition period between two seasons can be dangerous for human health. If you are not careful, you might catch a cold or any other illness. Therefore, make sure that you are preparing yourself for the sudden shifts in temperatures. 

Keep your medicine cabinet filled with anti-allergies, painkillers, and other medicines for fever. You should also consider using home remedies to cure symptoms of the common cold. Keeping your kitchen cabinets prepared with mint, lemon, ginger, and honey can help you in time of need. 

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