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The Best Digital Marketing Training In Dubai At Nlptech

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Dubai Digital Marketing Certification Courses and Live Online

Become a certified digital marketer and learn how to create a comprehensive marketing strategy and execute campaigns on the most important digital channels.

Become a certified digital marketer

Learn from leading digital marketing training in Dubai experts how to run campaigns on Google, social media, and other platforms.

Course results

You will be able to create a digital marketing funnel for any brand.

Understand your audience and how to communicate with them

Generate leads and sales through paid social campaigns or paid search campaigns

Get hands-on experience across all major platforms with practical workshops and ad simulation tools, testing budgets up to $50,000 (hands-on).

Create a digital marketing playbook that can be used in any industry

Get up to 4 Nlptech certifications

Be able to lead your own digital team or agency

About the course

Integrated strategies and best practices for the region

Get hands-on training from our faculty through case studies and practical strategies tailored for the MENA region and beyond. Learn how to develop B2C and B2B marketing plans, measure objectives, track return on investment (ROI), and plan growth strategies.

Learn how to create a plan and grow sales for all types of businesses

Learn how to create a complete marketing plan, including search advertising, social media, search engine optimization, content strategy, email marketing, drip campaigns, targeting, analytics, reporting, and how to optimize your website for more conversions!

Get certified in digital marketing

During this course you can earn up to 4 certificates. the Nlptech certificate is recognized by all major tech and digital companies in the UAE and KSA, as well as KHDA and Google.

Career opportunities and support

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to join Nlptech’s talent database and keep up to date with the best digital marketing job opportunities in the region. We have recently recruited marketers for companies such as Noon, TikTok, Alshaya, Swvl or Sarwa. Our team will support you on your career path.

What you will learn

Learn how to develop a comprehensive B2C and B2B business marketing strategy, measure objectives, track return on investment (ROI) and plan growth strategies.

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Module 1

Digital marketing strategy

Learn how to implement a successful online marketing strategy. Learn the benefits of each marketing channel and how to use them to achieve your marketing and business goals.

What is covered?

Module 2

Social media and content marketing strategy

In this course, you’ll learn how to develop a solid social media and content marketing strategy that will help you stand out from brands competing for consumer attention.

What’s covered?

Module 3

Paid social advertising

In this module, we cover the basics of paid social advertising. You’ll learn and practice how to effectively target people on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and other platforms.

What’s covered?

Module 4

Using Google Ads for paid search

This module looks at how to make the most of Google Ads to grow your business, benefit your organization and the customers you serve, and advance your career.

What’s covered?

Module 5

Search engine optimization

This module will give you a better understanding of how search engines work and how to use them to your advantage. You will be able to increase your company’s revenue and gain a sought-after skill that will help you grow your career.

What is covered?

Module 6

Learn how to master Google Analytics

Track the key KPIs your business needs, tell stories with your data, and enter advanced metrics and dimensions. Customize reports and dashboards with the accurate data you need to automate key processes and get certified by Google.

What’s covered?

Module 7

Email marketing and customer service

This workshop will cover the basics of creating email campaigns, coding using basic HTML, creating customizable business templates, and tracking and creating automated campaigns (using campaigns and workflows) with the ultimate goal of creating a robust digital customer retention strategy.

What is covered?

Module 8

Optimizing website conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Improving your website’s conversion rate not only leads to more conversions but also increases the cost per purchase across all marketing channels, making your marketing more effective. Learn how to manage CRO to convert more visitors into customers, and how to learn more about your customers.

What’s covered?

Module 9

The basics of influencer marketing

Learn the right steps to create and implement a successful influencer marketing plan. Designed for any business owner or marketer who wants to learn the right approach to working with influencers! Bonus Module (with auto pacer)

What does it cover?


Digital Marketing Agency Management

In this bonus module with one-on-one training, you’ll learn how to find, hire and manage digital marketing agencies from industry experts. You’ll understand how to keep them informed, set performance metrics, and produce reports to maximize ROI.

What’s covered?

Platforms covered

What’s covered?

34 hours of live training with our expert instructors (in person or online via Zoom).

Lifetime access to recordings and tutorials in the Nlptech video library.

Over 5 templates for an effective campaign, budget and content planning.

10+ Free digital marketing tools you can use after the course.

Members of the Nlptech community – the largest group of digital professionals in the region.

Access to our online forum where you can solve problems, collaborate, chat with colleagues and learn about a new job or business opportunities.

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, startup founders

Want to learn how to attract more customers for your business? Whether you’re a B2C or B2B business, the course will give you practical tips you can apply to your business right away! Each course will welcome a number of prospective business founders who are now thinking about starting their own business and want to learn how digital marketing can help them.

Changing careers and finding a job

Don’t have digital marketing experience and want to learn how to break into this growing industry? This course will give you a basic understanding of all the main channels and your first hands-on experience so you can apply for your first job or internship. Read the diary of one of the course participants.

Marketing professionals

Have marketing experience but never worked in the digital sector? Do you realize that things have changed and want to stay up to date? Do you want to manage your team or agency effectively? Enroll in this course and learn how to apply all your marketing skills to the online world. Read how this course has helped Ibrahim change his career in digital marketing.

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