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The Best Kids Cycling Gloves in 2022

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If your kids keep pedaling during the cold winter months, warm winter Kids Cycling Gloves are a must-have purchase. They must be able to hold the wheel, shift gears and, of course, brake, regardless of the temperature. They should also be able to withstand a cup of hot soup.

Winter Kids Cycling Gloves are also important for toddlers and toddlers in cargo bikes, bicycle seats or trailers that quickly disperse heat.

Winter Kids Cycling Gloves should be warm, windproof and waterproof enough and suitable for small hands. Look for some of the cheaper gloves on the market that are suitable for fall / spring use in milder weather, but are not designed for year-round riding. Or they are badly made to withstand a lot of dressing and undressing; loose seams are an annoying feature of some gloves.

The best cycling gloves for kids – 2022

As elsewhere, there is a shortage of children’s winter gloves in some brands and sizes this year.

If you find a pair of your child’s size in stock, I advise you not to postpone and buy it immediately upon your return, they may not be available.

The Polaris Mini Hoolie Best Kids Cycling Glove is a fully windproof winter glove and is weather resistant (meaning it repels water to some extent but is not 100% waterproof).

It is particularly suitable for driving in the dark due to its good visibility and its RBS glove (RBS stands for “Really Bright Stuff”) is good in low light conditions, especially when signaling.

They are available in yellow or orange with black trim or black with orange trim.

The adjustable velcro cuff offers more options to keep out the cold and rain or to dissipate heat.

The silicone print on the fingers and palm offers extra grip when wet and the thumb has a fleece nose pad (cool !!)

This glove is ideal for those who cycle to school all year round.

Maddison Kids Cycling Gloves are available in a variety of colors including black, yellow, and pink. Protect is their heaviest offering, and Madison claims these gloves are waterproof, windproof, and breathable.

They are lined with microfleece to keep hands warm and dry. They have adjustable cuffs and reflective print and details for added visibility.

With the silver thread on the tip of your thumb and forefinger. These gloves allow you to use touchscreen devices without taking off your gloves. So they are a good choice for smart mobile kids or device users.

Madison Protec Waterproof Long Finger Gloves for Boys

The size of the Maddison glove is not in centimeters. Their website says “measure the glove size to the palm of your hand” and doesn’t include your thumb.
Endura is another popular choice for winter cycling clothing. They are designed to keep you dry and warm when the Scottish winter might hit you and we have been impressed with everything we have bought from them in the past.

Their range of fall/winter Best Kids Cycling Gloves is the Nemo II.

It has an interesting neoprene look which should be very waterproof and has a reflective lining.

There is a silicone pad on the palm and a deep cuff with a suede wrist adjuster to keep rain or snow out.

These gloves are ideal for winter cyclists who ride in all weather conditions; Endura also says they are perfect for snowshoes.

Nemo II has recently been updated, but our readers have been impressed with the previous versions of the gloves …

Nemo gets the approval of the father of two, Toby, who told us: “They are surprisingly good at snowballs too.”

However, we also received the following review from Victori. A mother of two told us: “The sizes are very small, my 5-year-old daughter wears 7-8. She is very small and my 7-year-old daughter. Wears 9-10 10. Also, they didn’t warm my 5-year-old son’s hands. He screamed all the way to school while riding his bike and when. We got there they turned into pieces of ice.

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