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The Best Online NLP Training in Dubai With Nlptech

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Our location in Dubai


Free Wi-Fi

To keep you always connected, we offer completely free and easily accessible Wi-Fi.

With air conditioning

To keep you comfortable during your classes, we offer a fully air-conditioned environment.

Full IT support

IT support is available to resolve any unforeseen problems that may arise.

Video equipment

Full video conferencing facilities are available.

Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates with an estimated population of 2.1 million. Dubai is one of only two emirates that have veto power in the national legislature on matters of national importance. The emirate has a thriving tourism industry, which, along with aviation and financial services, is one of the main sources of revenue for the city. The city is famous for its skyscrapers and is home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Education in the UAE includes primary, secondary and tertiary schools. Public education is free for all citizens of the United Arab Emirates. In 2007, the literacy rate was 91 percent.

Thousands of citizens seek formal education at 86 adult education centres across the country. In 2009, there were 79 public schools run by the Ministry of Education and 145 private schools for Dubai residents. Arabic is taught in public schools, with an emphasis on English as a second language. Private schools, on the other hand, teach in English as they cater to the expatriate community. Some of the city’s schools offer international education, teaching one or more international baccalaureate programs for students aged 3 to 19.

The most well-known universities in Dubai are the American University in Dubai, Al Ghurair University, American College in Dubai, Wollongong University in Dubai and the British University in Dubai. These universities offer courses in business administration, engineering, architecture and interior design. The American University in Dubai is the only university outside the United States and Latin America that is directly accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Knowledge Academy is the largest training provider in the UAE, with training locations in 5 cities across the country, including Dubai.

Certified NLP Practitioner Training

The NLP coaching course offered by Illuminations (NLP coaching levels 1-3) is a platform to.

people who want to start a career as an Online NLP Training in Dubai. The course will prepare you for personal development, business success and performance.

Leadership and life coaching.

Become an NLP trainer

Book a free consultation and find out how to become an internationally certified Level 3 trainer!

Online consultations/conferences

NLP Certification Training

NLP is the most advanced behavioral technology available for personal and professional success and development!

Many therapists, healers, consultants and business coaches are now working in the world of personal development. The difference between them is whether they have NLP tools or not!

NLP is recognized and accepted in business organizations because it has been proven that the techniques taught promote long term success and bring about the desired changes.

NLP coaching will equip you with the skills to solve problems, manage emotions and achieve the desired change. NLP coaching skills can be used to improve personal competence, persuasion and sales.

Internationally recognized three-tier certification programme

International certification and membership

Become an NLP coach

NLP helps us to rebuild our internal processes that influence the way we react, perceive and influence the world around us!

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It was originally created in the 1970s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, and from 1976 to 1982 by Christina Hall in Santa Cruz, California.

By mastering the skills of NLP, you can learn to change your behavior by changing the factors that affect you, so that you can take control of your life!

Courses, levels and prices.

NLP Coaching Level 1

Level 2


Level 3

Level 2

NLP Coaching Level 1

Course description

Level 1 focuses on introducing the basics of NLP and gaining a deeper understanding of your own and others’ patterns of thinking, speaking and behavior and how to reprogram them. Level 1 will also give you the basics of high-level communication and coaching. These eight steps will enable fast, powerful and lasting change.

Duration and time

5 days

Part 1 – 2 days &

Part 2 – 3 days

(10:00 – 18:00)


3 990,00 AED

This training includes.

1 NLP coaching manual (additional materials available).

Notes, pen, water bottle and tea break with snacks and tea/coffee.


Membership and certificate


NLP Coaching Certificate from CONSCIOUS SOLUTIONS – only after level 1.

NLP Association NLP Master Practitioner Certificate – only after level 3.


NLP Association Certified NLP Master Practitioner.

The California NLP Association follows the original terms of American NLP from the 1970s and offers the highest level of NLP in the world.

NLP Advantages

Turn negative thinking and fears into positive attitudes and beliefs.

Learn to instantly increase self-confidence, regardless of circumstances.

Apply language patterns to improve accuracy and optimize motivation.

Act ethically, negotiate and negotiate skillfully.

Significantly reduce stress, anxiety and unnecessary emotions.

Remain calm, confident and focused in unstable situations.

Resolve conflicts, communicate and motivate excellently.

Acquire effective interpersonal, coaching and mediation skills.

Increase your effectiveness and make friends early.

Unleash and use the magic of words.

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