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The Top 5 Advantages of rocore Software In 2022

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Complex construction projects can be challenging. To ensure that projects stay on schedule and within budget, there are many stages that need to be strategically planned. Mowery utilizes cutting-edge technology to not only increase collaboration and manage project information, but also to enhance the customer experience.

The procore software has been the most impactful software solution for our business. Cloud-based software allows team members 24/7 access to construction management apps and communication tools. These are just a few of the many ways PROCORE can help the Mowery team.

Benefit #1: Real Time Capabilities

Construction is a fast-paced business. Construction projects are moving quickly so it is crucial to communicate with them to ensure they stay on schedule. PROCORE offers real-time updates about projects. This software includes the most recent blueprints and designs. When a design is changed, all team members are notified. Project supervisors quickly update the team with updates as soon as work is completed on job sites.

PROCORE allows team members to be kept informed and immediately know when new information is entered. This system allows for open communication, which aids our team in meeting critical deadlines and goals.

Benefit #2: Improved Collaboration

PROCORE has increased collaboration between team members and subcontractors. PROCORE stores project information, including blueprints, costs, scopes, and costs. It also includes project images, safety logs, and project images. All Mowery team members and subcontractors have access to PROCORE. This information is accessible from any device, at any time. The app allows individuals to send and receive messages and emails. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and increases efficiency.

PROCORE will notify you if there are any outstanding tasks, or change orders. These notifications allow the Mowery team to monitor project items and ensure construction is on time and within budget.

Benefit #3: Data integration capabilities

Mowery uses different software depending on the stage of construction. During bidding and estimation, our preconstruction team uses ProEst Software. We know that even though estimators might work on different platforms than our designers, it is important to organize all project documents in one simple-to-use software that can be accessed at any time.

PROCORE’s data integration capabilities enable us to sync project information with other platforms like ProEst. This makes it possible to ensure that all project information, including schedules, estimates, and designs, is available in PROCORE. This feature is extremely useful because it prevents project details from being divided between departments. This could lead to team disconnection.

Benefit #4: Punch List Module

Mowery constructs each project as if it were her own. Every project is handled with care, and PROCORE is used for ensuring that it meets the highest standards. PROCORE’s Punch List module allows project superintendents to quickly identify potential problems in the project’s early stages. The Punch List module allows project superintendents to upload photos and markup photos, as well as identify potential problems in blueprints. They can also assign responsibilities to subcontractors or team members so that they can address any issues immediately.

Mowery was able implement PROCORE’s Punch List module, and has been able to complete punch lists in half the time. The number of deficiencies discovered during final inspections has dropped significantly. This allows clients to move in their new facilities faster and speeds up projects.

Here’s a list of Construction Software Categories

Software for Building Information Modeling (BIM).Construction SoftwareConcrete Estimating Software
Construction Accounting SoftwareConstruction Bidding SoftwareConstruction Estimating Software
Construction Scheduling SoftwareEarthworks Estimating SoftwareSoftware for Electrical Contractors
Electrical Estimating SoftwareFlooring Estimating SoftwarePlumbing Estimating Software
Real Estate Development SoftwareRoofing SoftwareWeb Based Construction Management Software

Benefit #5: Enhances Customer Experience

Our promise is to make your experience memorable. Mowery offers a 3-year extended warranty, quality control programs, and custom construction. Mowery guarantees to use the latest technology to enhance your experience. Mowery clients have access to their PROCORE project account. Clients can access details about the project, including cost estimates and photos. This allows customers to be in the loop, and to see how the team works to achieve their goals. Today’s platforms are informative and enjoyable for clients.

Why Mowery?

Mowery employs technology in all aspects.

If you are looking for a partner to help with a design-build or construction management team, this is the place to look.

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