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Top 10 restaurants of Lahore for Desi, Chinese, Thais and Continental Food

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Here is a list of top 10 restaurants or eateries in Lahore that you should try at all costs, maybe they will not eat cheaply. If you are looking for restaurants in your area, you have come to our recommendations.

You are not a gourmet, if you have tried the list of best 10 Best Restaurants in Gulberg Lahore, is known as the hub of food lovers and in relevance for this explanation, you can find different quality cafés and restaurants with the delicious eating of all sorts or continental, Chinese or fast food. So there is always a great opportunity to hang around with friends and family in the city to enjoy good food. If you are also a foodie person like me, you have to visit here for the real taste in Lahore

The wok

If you are a Chinese food lover, then it is one of the best place that a wide range offers meals. It is located in the Gulberg area in the shopping center 1. You can order all your favorite Chinese dishes with chicken, beef and fish and a side of Chow Mein or rice. You can also order soups and snacks with a cool addition of Pina Colada. If you go here with a group of friends, it is useful to order bowls that also save your money.

The sweet tooth

The sweet tooth is just as sweet in serving as its name. The restaurant has grown rapidly in a limited period and has attracted a large number of locals to the dreamy ambiance of the restaurant, which turns out to be even more pleasant with the quality of the served food. The restaurant is specialized for its sweet items, but they know so well how they can play with the ingredients to cook delicious salty dishes, apart from desserts. Isn’t it great? The best they offer is the cheese -like deep pizza. Layers of marinara, cheese, vegetables and sausage make it a perfect combination for the taste of the tongue and if you are a cheese lover, it is the best option. But don’t forget to order their desserts after completing the delicious pizza.


Mouthful is popular because of its quality food with a great taste and perfect ambiance to spend time with your friends and family. The restaurant has a variety of socket -friendly options for choosing, such as Tandoori Fish Tikka and Paneer Haryali! The restaurant also offers a brunch menu with Nihari and surprisingly, their characteristic omelet is exceptional.

Best places for hamburgers in Lahore

Rina’s Kitchenette

Have you ever thought of a classic kitchenette, just like those in the short story books or novels of the old era? Rina’s Kitchenette is the real image of that kitchen that is mentioned in the story. The soft maternal touch in the environment so you feel at home while you have some quality food to eat; It’s all about Rina’s. I have always preferred to come here when I want to relax from the busy routine, sometimes from myself while I usually with my dear friends. They started with cakes and desserts, and then successfully transformed into a great eatery in Lahore and is now one of the best restaurants. Buttermilk fried chicken burgers, cheese burgers, sandwiches, chicken pots, three-cheese cannelloni and more, so what else would you like?

Buitenpost Byob

Outpost Byob has constantly become popular for its delicious wonderful hamburgers. The outside film of the restaurant when it goes together with the perfect taste of beef and chicken burgers, it gives you a feeling of the world. The idea of ​​this restaurant is that you can build your hamburger, just like the way you want it. It is somewhat similar to the process offered by Subway, but in terms of tastes it is something new. You can add melted gouda or mozzarella, pickles, caramelized onions, honey mustard sauce and everything you like to satisfy your hunger. Moreover, you have to try their mozzarella sticks that are served for hot pipe with fibrous cheese ready to burst out of the outer soft layer.

The Brasserie

Because Gulberg is the central hub for the gourmets with a long variety along the road, the brasserie is another new addition to the restaurants of Mall 1. It is a great place to sit with your friends for a good time and the memories to Renew together with a wonderful menu. Almost their entire menu, apart from the starters of beef, lamb and seafood, is more unfriendly and contains grilled sandwiches, very juicy hamburgers, pizzas, tasty pasta and an impressive range of salads. Their three cheese chicken with spaghetti is a favorite of all time.


Nando has long had a good reputation in the list of beautiful restaurants of Lahore and is never disappointed there. The meal they provide is distinct from others and deserving of recognition. Buy some of that delicious flame-grille Periperi Quarter chicken with some wedges and a coke and you will be happy with your belly. With regard to the special dishes from their menu, you need a huge copper dish of seasoned yellow rice, grilled vegetables and some chicken thighs try in peri peri sauce – crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, some heaven!

Eataly Ristorante

It is a new restaurant and getting a large number of visitors with quality food. Do not try their aglio e olio (garlic and olive oil) with truffle oil because it is unique in name and all, but also because it is too good, which is enhanced by the addition of truffle oil.  When it comes to taste, don’t think about your budget and order openly from the menu, because it would not be stressful. You have to order their dominating batter -baked fish and chips.

The pantry at the Polo Lounge

Another lush yet quality addition to the list of the top restaurants around Lahore City is the pantry that has one of the best and most extensive menus. You can enjoy a cool breakfast here, because they serve the best yogurt and granola with fruit and nuts, making it a perfect day to start. If you like something else, you can order a freshly baked bagel with cream cheese or some heavenly eggs with turkey bacon and a hot cup of latte. Apart from breakfast, you can enjoy their creamy types of pasta, hamburgers, pizzas and grilled chickens.


Who knows nothing about the famous café Zouk of all time? Although it is one of the old restaurants of Lahore, the quality of his food has maintained a large number of customers. This restaurant cares a lot about your budget and the menu follows this sentence. There are sometimes the times that you cannot decide for a good place to enjoy food, so it is the café that there is always there to be one of your best choices. Whether it is their creamy ricotta, spinach -filled chicken cannelloni or the special cordon bleu burger filled with cheese, there are many options (in pasta, noodles, hamburgers, sandwiches) that you can order to satisfy your appetite.

The Hotspot Café

The Hotspot Café has been known for a long time, for a long time as Lahore’s one of the favorite ice cream parlors, but only a few people know that it also serves praise sandwiches, cakes and pasta. Whether you are looking for a roasted chicken melt or a very hot plate of chicken penne pasta with alfredo, they have everything you like to have. Is it not surprising? So what are you waiting for? Go order something at the quality menu of the quality and enjoy a creative atmosphere with the movie posters and the interior, making it a perfect place to eat and relax with your friends. Hotspot has always been a meeting place between the top 10 food spaces of Lahore.

Delish PizzaBar

Uniqueness has no limits and the pizza bar is proof of this statement. It serves a light pizza that looks like a pizza consisting of Chapatti. Delish pizzas are thin crust, come with the freshest ingredients from cheese to meat and the taste is excellent. Together with pizzas they have four cheese Mac N cheese and classic lasagna for beef! It is a wise -friendly restaurant and will never be disappointed. If you want something sweet after the delicious pizza treat, go for their heavenly delicious tiramisu.


If you are on a diet and still feel like a good healthy restaurant food, the greenhouse is for you! It is located in a quiet phase 4 commercial lane for defense. This restaurant offers calorie -bound meals, drinks and desserts that taste great and look out class. Whether it is gingerbread, hamburgers and sandwiches, Korean/Thai food, salads and grilled chicken, even desi -eating, it is all available at the greenhouse. The food is fairly affordable and you can add an energy-desire protein shake or a Karak-Chai.

Top 2 places for Afghan food in Lahore


If you have a tooth for meat and especially sheep meat or beef, Noshak should be your go-to-place because they have the best meat in the city. They like specialized Afghan cuisine. Personally I am a big fan of their from Chapli Kabab and Sulemani Mutton Karahi. Noshak made the top 10 restaurants of Lahore in 2016. It is located in FF Block or Phase 4 DHA Lahore.


And last but not least; If you are one of those who love Pushtoon -Keukens, so without any question, Qabail is best to offer traditional food in quality. Above all, their Chapli kebabs are incredible and his crispy outer layer merged with juicy tomatoes and meat simply explodes merger of heavenly traditional taste in your mouth. Moreover, their Namkeen Chicken Karahi and some hot, steaming naan count on the taste in which you would feel lost. When it comes to the ambiance, it is exceptionally great when you dinner like a Maharani or Maharaja while you look at amazing versions, specifically you I will also get the chance to see the famous Attan dance. Click here to see Best Breakfast Places in Lahore.

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