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Top Employee Performance Tracking Software for Your Organization

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Employees have a significant involvement in every organization. Their performance can help an organization’s growth reach  its peak. So it is crucial to track employee performance for better productivity and trigger business growth and expansion. 

Now productivity of an employee can be measured on the output of the action concluded by him/ her in a particular duration of time. However, keeping track of every employee productivity in an organization can be a very complex task to do by the manager. Employee performance tracking software improves their performance and employee engagement and makes it reach its peak. 

It you are looking for how to track and improve your team’s productivity, you should include the following steps :

  • Create clear goals
  • Record data of employee performance
  • Regular check-ins and reports
  • Feedback

Above are some of the basic steps to track and improve employee productivity, however there are specialized platforms and tools to track employee productivity. 

What is an employee productivity tracker ?

Employee productivity tracker is the solution that provides managers or business owners with real time data about employee proficiency and performance along with the time duration at which they conclude their assigned works. The platforms help employees maintain their workload, work accordingly to get top notch productivity while acquiring ideal results for the organization’s development and growth. ifn.

Now let’s look into some of the top 10 employee productivity trackers.

  1. Time Doctor
  2. Timely
  3. ActivTrak
  4. Everhour
  5. AirTable
  6. ProofHub
  7. Asana
  8. TMetric
  9. Tracking time
  10. iDoneThis

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is the software best for remote working employee management and employee performance tracking. It is the solution to help employees improve time management and eventually lead to high yield productivity. The software provides you with accurate insight and data analytics onto how much time employees have spent in every task. Team leaders can look into weekly reports, tracking statistics to enhance productivity in the coming future. The unique thing about this software is it starts automatically when the desktop or PC is switched on.


Timely is an employee productivity tracker which automatically tracks time taken to complete tasks, without anyone handling it manually. This helps employees to work efficiently without having to focus on tracking company’s productivity. Leaders or employees don’t need to take note or put manual input. The software tracks time spent on websites or desktop applications. It gives accurate insights and records your yield well. Moreover, it ensures 100% privacy of you and your company’s data. 


ActivTrak is an affordable software that suits best for startups and SMBs helping them track their productivity efficiently. It provides managers a handy dashboard giving them access to employees’ performance. This dashboard consists of detailed data insights of employee productivity to enhance workflow understanding, eventually leading to overall advancement of productivity of the company. It helps employees to adapt to healthy habits in the workspace and increase productivity, thus stimulating business growth. 


Everhour is another employee productivity tracker platform where you can manage your work as well as track time spent on your work.This software allows you to automate budgets, invoices and payroll. It helps to stay up to date on your productivity as it is merged with scheduling and tracking tools. It further helps you track your company’s profitability. 


AirTable is a significant software for online collaboration that helps employees manage projects and tasks. It offers you to plan your product roadmap, enter and organize data, work on pre-build templates, and much more. Tracking and managing productivity is the overall package provided by AirTable. 

Furthermore, it allows you to connect with apps to stimulate your work at a better pace. You can work fast while your productivity is being tracked without any hindrance in performance. With this software you can manage how your team works, and upscale your business growth.


ProofHub is a software that brings everything that an organization needs in terms of productivity under one roof.  It helps you with your projects and makes it much easier to work without hassle. This software is easy to use and understand. It allows you to plan your tasks, custom workflows, create tables, Gantt charts, track productivity,etc. With this you can collaborate, organize and create in a more productive way. Also, it allows you to integrate with other apps that are already in use. 


This software allows you to create, organize and track your plans and performance. Asana software offers you to integrate with Google suite for better collaboration. It gives you reminders of incoming tasks, the deadlines, and other important details of your goals and plans. Team managers can organize and assign tasks to employees. You can create timetables and plan your tasks and projects accordingly. This will help you avoid overlapping tasks, and maintain performance and increase productivity.


TMetric software is a tool for tracking productivity with accurate data analytics of your tasks. It allows you to manage productivity with precise data insights of your performance. This software is pocket-friendly, it keeps cost under control and quality as required. It offers keeping track of time management, project management, team management, billing & invoices, reporting and time off. 

Tracking Time

This software is an easy to use and understand tool for tracking productivity and managing projects. Leaders can organize and assign tasks to employees and keep track of their performance. It is a very flexible tool for reporting. It allows you to monitor your team’s progress and avoid any hindrance in real time. You can also add time tracking to your favorite business apps. 


iDoneThis employee productivity tracker is a versatile tool that allows you to manage time and stimulate your performance in your company. This platform helps you lead towards high performance and productivity. IDoneThis is easy to use and understand without users avoiding any lag in performance productivity. This software offers you automated delivery of progress reports. 

Benefits of Efficient Employee Performance Tracking Software

At the end of the day, an organization needs to achieve their goals for which the employees have to be efficient. Employee performance tracking software not only helps improve performance and productivity but also identifies struggles and internal problems, efficiently tracks attendance and efforts of employees, improves remote working, creates trust in employees, and offers effective project management, while increasing security and safety. 

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