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Top Ways To Hide Your IP In Chrome

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An IP address is a distinctive identity that allows a device on the local network or the internet to be identified. IP means “Internet Protocol,” which refers to the set of rules defining the data format transferred across the internet or local network. Simply, it is a string of integers and decimals that identifies your device and location. If you’re on the internet, then you have an IP address.

In short, an IP address is an identifier that permits information to be exchanged between devices on a network: they include location information and make systems available for communication. The internet requires a mechanism to discern between various computers, routers, and webpages. IP addresses give a means for doing so and represent a crucial aspect of the web’s operations.

Your IP address probably changes occasionally, owing to how the internet works. However, you’re the only one with your present IP address on the internet. Similar to physical addresses, IP addresses enable computers on the internet to discover one other and interact. IP addresses are a fundamental aspect of the IP protocol, the bedrock on which the internet is based.

Meanwhile, your public IP address is unique and accessible to everyone on the internet. It may also be used to follow you and shield you from region-locked material.

If you desire privacy and do not like censorship, you would undoubtedly like to disguise your IP address from internet providers, hackers, governments, advertising, and others. So, here are some techniques to mask your IP address on Google Chrome:


Using anonymizers is the best approach to disguise your actual IP address. The primary role of anonymizers is to enable users to view websites restricted in their country for one reason or another. In most situations, anonymizers relate to web anonymizers – online services that allow their customers to browse the web anonymously.

The IP-address server anonymizer replaces the visitor’s IP address so that the user may browse online pages their owners ban from viewing in their location.

The IP address of the viewed web page is also swapped with the IP address of the anonymizer server, making it possible to avoid the filtering and blocking of the Internet provider.

Using the online anonymizer is relatively easy – enter the URL of the site you require in the address bar, which is positioned in the most conspicuous area. The sophisticated anonymizers further enable you to pick geolocation and customize the connection: allow or refuse JavaScript, record and transmit cookies, and encrypt data.

Virtual Private Network Extension

VPN extensions enable you to specify geography, substitute the user’s IP address, and safely encrypt communication. Using a VPN extension is the most excellent method to secure yourself from tracking and evading censorship and geo-blocking. You may also utilize a VPN for Windows 10, outside Google Chrome.

The VPN plugin for Google Chrome is a regular VPN client that runs within the browser. Immediately after the VPN client begins, it establishes a secure link to the VPN server – a tunnel. All browser traffic flows via this tunnel. The user’s IP address is swapped with the IP address of the VPN server, and the data is encrypted and shielded from tracking. In this situation, the system settings are not altered. Other browsers function directly on the network under the user’s IP.

Proxy Extensions For Google Chrome

Another approach to secure your privacy and disguise your IP address for Google Chrome users is to install the Proxy plugin. The Google Chrome browser, by default, uses the system settings for accessing a proxy server. Proxy plugins for Chrome allow you to utilize a proxy server just for this browser. That is, the system settings are not altered. Other browsers operating concurrently with Google Chrome would still directly access the Internet without needing a proxy server.

After installing, configuring, and using the Proxy extension, all browsing traffic will travel via the intermediate proxy server defined by the user in the settings. At the same time, the native IP address of the user is substituted with the IP address of the proxy server. If the link between the browser and the proxy server is protected (when using an HTTPS proxy), the Internet provider will not be able to filter and deny access to forbidden sites.


Suppose you do not take any security precautions and secure your personal data throughout your internet activity. In such an event, all the most sensitive information about you might slip into the hands of others and could be used against you. The objective of masking your IP address is to stay anonymous when browsing the web and shield yourself from leaking personal data. These approaches might genuinely come in handy if you are concerned about your privacy and do not wish for your personal data to slip into the wrong hands.

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