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Top YouTube Brand Marketing Strategy 2022

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Everybody knows Disney, correct? While the brand doesn’t share its films and liveliness on views on youtube for clear reasons, they actually share lots of the background, instructional exercises, and even retellings of good stories utilizing emoticons. They likewise use channels to make content assortments for explicit interests.


Sees: 156.89 million

Supporters: 1.15 million

BMW’s image account on YouTube shows the force of understanding where your listeners might be coming from. Everything on BMW’s YouTube account is made for individuals who love vehicles. They incorporate unique substances like authority send-off movies and web series, involving their whole station as a fundamental piece of their showcasing pipe to hold existing clients and get new ones.


Sees: 2.78 billion

Endorsers: 9.67 million

Google possesses YouTube, so if any brand has a heavenly brand account on the stage, it will do well to be them. Google utilizes views on youtube to address their image and draw in their crowd through a unique substance like their narrative series “Search On,” which shares the accounts of individuals utilizing Google innovation to tackle troublesome issues all over the planet.


Sees: 2.84 billion

Supporters: 10 million

GoPro has assembled their image on the possibility that this camera is the ideal way for clients to deify their encounters. As you can presumably figure, GoPro’s image account on YouTube depends intensely on client-created content, making it simple for GoPro clients to share their recordings through web-based difficulties and keeping both existing and potential clients locked in… what’s more, presumably feeling a touch of FOMO (anxiety toward passing up a great opportunity), as well.


Sees: 458.77 million

Supporters: 1.57 million

Nike is quite possibly the most notable brand on the planet, with their logo sufficiently alone to conjure striking symbolism and feeling in their fans. On their views on YouTube channel, Nike carries first-class competitors nearer to the regular individuals who purchase Nike’s items. They’re likewise perfect at tracking down the perfect coordinated efforts with powerhouses, as proven by a progression of supported recordings that Nike made with Dan and Lincoln Markham of the YouTube show “What’s Inside?”


Sees: 2.37 billion

Endorsers: 9.78 million

Like GoPro, Redbull’s image account on YouTube centers around enthusiasm and adrenaline. What makes Redbull one of the top brand accounts on YouTube is their eagerness to do without putting their item up front in all that they do. All things being equal, the brand shares a way of life content that arrives at the 18-34 segment: the brand’s meat and potatoes. Indeed, even in their genuine ads, Redbull features the impacts instead of the item.

Victoria’s Secret

Sees: 200.38 million

Supporters: 1.9 million

Victoria’s Secret is one of the top brand accounts on views on youtube because they’re so great at giving endorsers and fans ways of communicating. On its YouTube channel, Victoria’s Secret exhibits its models. Usually, however, luckily, it doesn’t simply show them off. You can go in the background with the models, more deeply study their exercise routine schedules and items they love, and even figure out how a portion of your #1 Victoria’s Secret items are made.


Sees: 556.47 million

Endorsers: 1.71 million

Chanel is a luxury design brand that has amassed a massive following on YouTube, far beating their top rival, Dior, as far as the two devotees and video sees. The brand shares make-up instructional exercises and recordings flaunting their new items. Click here, as any magnificence force to be reckoned with knows, this is the kind of satisfaction that rakes in the perspectives.


Sees: 53 billion

Endorsers: 71.2 million

Simply looking at the video content on WWE’s views on youtube channel will show you why they’re one of the top brand accounts on YouTube. It’s packed to the edge with unique series, taking watchers in the background to build commitment and allow fans to get to know the WWE hotshots they watch on TV consistently. They additionally incorporate posts of full matches, “best of” commencements, and meetings with the hotshots.


Sees: 2.5 billion

Endorsers: 7.43 million

Nintendo’s YouTube channel incorporates lots of information and content about Nintendo games and gaming consoles, including the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U, and that’s just the beginning. Watchers can observe short interactivity recordings in the background with game makers, and that’s just the beginning.

Beast High

Sees: 1.55 billion

Supporters: 2.17 million

Beast High is a brand from the toy establishment Mattel (makers of Barbie). The channel incorporates unique webisodes, tunes, and item how-tos, and that’s just the beginning. The webisodes range from a couple of moments to 30 minutes, so there’s a lot of content to meet the focusing ability of any watcher. Even a few episodes meant dialects other than English to contact a worldwide crowd.

What Makes a Brand’s YouTube Channel Pop?

As you can see from our rundown of the top brand accounts on YouTube, the quantity of endorsers doesn’t necessarily mean video sees. Center around what compels your image extraordinary and fabricate your views on youtube image account. Nike highlights tip-top competitors, and LEGO recounts stories; GoPro utilizes outrageous games and energy. How does your image respond? Share that story and make a genuine association with your crowd.

As well as sharing the satisfaction your clients are keen on. You’ll need to find an opportunity to foster local substance for the stage — don’t simply reuse content you’ve shared elsewhere. What’s more, never under any circumstance misjudge the force of an incredible powerhouse. As you can see from the endorser numbers, brands will quite often have many fewer supporters than your #1 YouTube powerhouses procure. To build momentum and get more supporters for your image account on YouTube, consider combining efforts with a YouTube powerhouse whose crowd closely resembles yours.

Continue in the Footsteps of the Top Brands on YouTube

It’s consistently helpful to gauge how others have made progress. This rundown of the top brand accounts on YouTube gives bits of knowledge about the video content techniques utilized by those brands to drive results on the stage. Investigate your number one brands to find video content thoughts going from item demos to how-tos to unique programming, and that’s just the beginning!

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