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Turant launches text-agnostic voice biometric login tool built for India

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New Delhi and California-based Turant Inc has launched a language-agnostic voice biometric passwordless login solution targeted at the Indian market, and which should work on any language in the world. The firm hopes to tackle rampant SMS OTP-related fraud in the country.

The AI-based software is trained on a voice sample collected via a phone call or mobile app. The website shows example registrations of Turant calling the user’s phone and then asking him or her to say their phone number twice as the sample. When verification is required, the process is the same, similar to IN Groupe’s approach to birth registration.

According to their website, Turant has filed a patent for voice biometrics plus OTP solution, which they claim is also cheaper than the SMS equivalent which is more vulnerable to fraud. marketoinsight

Planned use cases span financial transactions, call centers, online education and e-commerce delivery. The VoiceVerify and SecureVoice products are hoped to generate rapid growth for the firm as it targets India’s 500 million feature phone users as well as smartphone owners.

The passwordless login approach is powered by voice biometrics tested on tens of thousands of voice samples covering multiple languages and dialects (and not English) and achieving more than 99 percent accuracy.

There are 22 scheduled languages in India, 122 languages which are spoken by more than 10,000 people, and as many as 20,000 dialects. Language-agnostic voice biometrics are used by other firms such as Pindrop.

Turant’s software is trained to work when the user is in noisy locations or on an over-subscribed network, and also conducts liveness and mimicry checks.

“I always wanted to do products that can potentially touch the lives of masses and voice verification is a revolutionary move in the space,” comments Anurag Goel, founder and CEO of Turant Inc. fashioncushion

“It is not only the most natural method of communication but also economical and simple for enterprises to adopt as opposed to the current authentication solutions in the market. Users need not remember passwords, nor be device dependent. This also enables enhanced user satisfaction and repeat transactions for business.”

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There are also ways to track team and individual goals, and see if you’re hitting the targets you set for the business.

You’ll be able to completely sync your CRM system with your email, and you can even log all your sent emails inside and get notified when someone replies. There’s also a Sales Operations portal and management tools to assist with post-sale activities like onboarding a client.

A New Option for Sales Teams

The new CRM platform has been created on top of monday’s customizable no-code framework, called “Work OS,” which some teams were already using to create functional customer relationship management systems.

Now, there’s a dedicated program — at least for sales teams, that is.

“Built on’s flexible low-code/no-code framework” the company explains in an announcement, “monday sales CRM is a fully customizable CRM that can be implemented within minutes.”

The work management company goes on to say the product is designed to empower “business owners and sales teams to manage every aspect of their sales cycle and customer data in one centralized place.”

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