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Value of document attestation when opening a new business in the UAE

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The UAE is one of the top locations for starting a new business or growing an existing one. It is also one of the tax havens with the fastest growing economies. Foreigners are welcomed in the UAE quite warmly, and doing business there is simple. There are laws and regulations, but they are not difficult to follow, just like everything else. The processes for establishing a firm are spelt out clearly, and there isn’t a lot of unnecessary red tape to deal with. You will be given authorisation and a visa to launch your business in the UAE as long as you comply with the rules.

One of the most important prerequisites among all of them is document attestation in order to start the immigration and other business-related activities in the UAE. You can better comprehend the process thanks to the information about document attestation we’ve compiled. Consult with us for legal translation service in Dubai.

Knowledge of Document Attestation

Verifying the validity of the papers submitted to the various government departments in the UAE is done through document attestation. For those wishing to start a business in the UAE or apply for a visa, document attestation is a prerequisite. The attestation procedure is well-defined; the documents must have the original originating government and administrative agencies certify them. To protect the interests of the nation, the laws of the UAE require document attestation.

  • The authenticated document serves as a preliminary review that verifies the data provided in the applications.
  • Identity verification lowers the likelihood of fraud, forgery, and phoney documents while also preventing unauthorised admission into the nation.
  • It proves that the company is legitimate.
  • It provides the UAE with information about the applicant(s) for the permit.

Without the authenticated copies, visa applications cannot be processed by the UAE. Therefore, while applying for a visa or trade licence, submit all the requested documents.

Depending on the kind of visa application, different papers are needed for attestation. However, foreign nationals must present the following attested documents in order to open a business in the UAE:

  1. Individual Certificates

All identification-verifying documents fall under the category of personal certificates. These records contain information on a person, including name, parent’s names, birthdate, nationality, marital status, etc.

  1. Certificates for Businesses

Anywhere in the globe, you must submit particular paperwork to obtain the approvals and licences required to launch a firm. And it’s the same for foreigners who wish to launch a business in the UAE. You must submit a number of documents to the Department of Economic Development (DED) in order to obtain a trading licence.

The procedures for obtaining a business trade licence

  • Choose a business partner since foreigners must have a UAE national as a partner in every company they create in the nation.
  • Together with the business partner, draught a Memorandum of Association (MOA).
  • Submit a request to the DED for business and trade name authorisation.
  • Make a tenancy agreement and choose the company location.
  • Bring the trade licence application and any supporting documentation to DED.

Documents needed for DED approval of commercial registration are included below.

  • Application form completed and signed by legal representative of the business
  • Original corporate statutory documents and photocopies
  • DED authorisation for business establishment
  • DED has approved the business name
  • Contract of tenancy
  • Information on shareholders
  • copy of the stockholders’ passports

Value of Document Attestation When Opening a New Business in the United Arab Emirates

Documents must be authenticated in accordance with UAE regulations if you intend to open a business there. You will require the attestation paperwork in addition to obtaining approvals and licences if you want things to run well for your new firm.

The following are some justifications for document attestation while starting a new company in the UAE:

  • establishing distribution contracts
  • setting up a supply chain
  • opening a new office in the UAE or establishing an offshore business
  • establishing a business bank account in the UAE
  • collaborating with UAE businesses

All types of documents, including commercial, personal, and educational ones, can be attested to by OnTime Attestation Services in the United Arab Emirates. If you’re seeking for a reputable business offering Cheap Attestation services in Dubai, get in touch with us.

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