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We discover how to repair your mobile from home and replace parts with original spare parts

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We discover how to repair your mobile from home, a task that will be possible. Google has designed a new plan that tries to repair the parts of its mobile models with original spare parts for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 6 Pro, so that customers do not have to buy a new phone. It will be available later this year in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the European Union. Other large companies such as Apple are also willing to introduce this measure in the future.
Surely your mobile phone has ever broken down and stopped working. If it catches you at a bad time that you don’t have money to buy another mobile, this new option will save you from this situation. The big technology companies like Google or Samsung have enabled a new service that they will soon offer to their customers: repair the phone from home .

The Google company has collaborated with the iFixit company to offer original spare parts for most smartphones and thus make it easier and faster for its customers to repair their mobile. For years, this website has already offered tutorials and tools to change components, despite the limitations to which mobile repairs were subject.From now on, the original spare parts for Google Pixel mobiles will be available, from the Pixel 2 to the new Pixel 6 Pro . It can be purchased within the European Union, in addition to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. It can also be purchased separately or in repair kits, all the tools necessary to disassemble your phone.

Motorola was the first company to collaborate with this new smartphone repair service . Since then, large companies have begun to introduce this new modality, even Apple is expected to do so as well for more info visit
Last year, in the United States, the opening of devices for the purpose of repair was legalized with an exception to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and now these objects can be acquired without any difficulty.

Despite the companies’ struggle to avoid user repair, a French law seems to have been the turning point. As Wiens explains, the 2021 law is changing and now requires technology companies to show how effective these new repair services are.

Other services that Google will offer
The company has also launched a repair program, Chromebooks , which tries to provide information on repairing Acer and Lenovo branded laptops . It will also offer a new version of the operating system, ChromeOS Flex , which will be designed exclusively for old computers that were running Windows or MacOS, in order to take advantage of them and use them again.

Finally, Google has also highlighted its proposal to improve sustainability, together with the association in the United States and Canada.

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A service focused on sustainability
The new self-repair program will offer original spare parts such as screens, batteries, cameras , among others, for phones compatible with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 6 Pro models. According to the company, “before launching a new Pixel model, we make sure that it is easy to repair, in order to reduce the labor, tools, parts and materials required for the repair.”

The objective is based on a measure that favors environmental sustainability and the extension of the life of these mobile devices.
It is basically a measure focused on environmental sustainability, facilitating the extension of the useful life of mobile devices: “Facilitating repairs is a logical way to extend the life and use of telephones. This is one of the simple steps that will help customers.”

On the other hand, the sale of mobile phones without internet access has grown considerably. According to several studies, in 2021 around 1,000 million basic mobiles were sold, that is, non-smartphone phones. The reason why users have decided to acquire a mobile of this type has to do with the distance from social networks and dependence on them. In addition, some users affirm that this decision generates well-being and greater productivity at work and in social relationships.

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