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Wedding Ideas For a Kids Party

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If your wedding is for children, you’ll need to arrange for a babysitter and set aside a room for them. You can also set up a children’s room, complete with age-appropriate games and activities. And don’t forget the card storage! Old post boxes and children’s toys are great options for this. In fact, if you have enough room, you can even have a slideshow sing-along, a fun way for everyone to remember the day!

Custom artwork for wedding invitations

Choosing a style for your wedding is as much about the wedding invitation as the rest of the suite. While many parents prefer classic designs, custom wedding invitations can be designed to reflect the personality of the bride and groom. Use wedding florals, the same as the bride’s bouquet or the flowers from the bride’s childhood garden. Keep in mind that the colors will be part of your life for decades to come, so be sure to choose something that will stand the test of time.

Wedding Ideas

Handpainted wedding invitations are an exceptional way to personalize your wedding stationery. They can showcase your personality, interests, culture, or heritage. Many artists will work with you to design an invitation that fits your personal style and wedding theme. You can even ask for a painting of the venue itself. Handpainted wedding invitations are an excellent choice for a rustic, outdoor theme. The possibilities are endless. Custom artwork can be anything from a portrait of your engagement party to an artistic illustration of your wedding flowers.

Modern carnival sweets

For those of you looking for a wedding ideas theme with a bit of a twist, consider using carnival sweets as a wedding idea. You can even serve them on sticks. Just make sure that they are mini in size to avoid sugar crashes and induce smiles. Not only are kids sure to love these sweet treats, but parents will probably not mind the small portion size either. Not to mention that you can add fun photo booths to your reception!

Wedding Ideas

A carnival is a joyful occasion. In a wedding, why not incorporate some of the best aspects of the fair? Cotton candy, donuts, and candy apples are just a few of the foods that could be served at a carnival wedding. It might even include a drinking “concession stand” where guests can purchase a drink. While it is not necessary to recreate the carnival experience, this wedding theme can be fun.

Bow tie bar at cocktail hour

For your wedding cocktail hour, consider adding a Bow Tie Bar to your reception. The company provides mobile bar services to local events and uses sustainable products, such as biodegradable straws. You can even order a Naked Bartender if you’d like! Bow Tie Bar also offers themed packages, and their services are environmentally friendly, too! Whether you want to include local beer or organic mixers in your bar, Bow Tie Bar has you covered!

Slideshow sing-along

If you’re looking for wedding ideas, consider a slideshow sing-along. These are great gift ideas for the groomsmen and can include embarrassing childhood pictures, a poem, and a song. The audience can sing along for hours and it’s completely free. And, it’s not just for the wedding, either. If you have a slideshow, consider adding photos of the bride and groom’s families.

Wedding Ideas

Adding a wedding song to a slideshow is another unique idea. If your slideshow includes photographs, make sure to have high-resolution pictures. Low-res pictures tend to be dull on a big screen. You can also add music to the show to add a tone to the pictures. Even a simple set of wedding photos can be made emotional by using a song that captures the emotions of the couple. You can include verses from favorite songs from the couple. Alternate tempos, too, to keep the slideshow flowing smoothly.

Eco-friendly weddings

When you plan an eco-friendly wedding, you can minimize the impact of your big day on the environment and at the same time save money. Several of the most common eco-friendly wedding ideas involve choosing sustainable wedding venues, reducing the number of guest lists, and using reusable signage. You can even have your wedding ceremony on a bicycle, which is great for the environment and is also affordable. You can also find reusable signage at your venue and offset the cost of the signs with the money saved.

Wedding Ideas

Another way to save energy is to opt for eco-friendly wedding favors. Mini succulents make beautiful wedding favors and can be easily maintained after the wedding. Be sure to plant them in containers made of eco-friendly materials. Some companies, such as LeBoxBoutique, sell containers made of wood pulp. For wedding rings, consider using sustainable materials and purchasing eco-friendly models. These ideas are both stylish and practical. If you’re looking for eco-friendly wedding favors, consider using sustainable materials such as bamboo.

Alternative theme for wedding

In the world of weddings, an alternative theme can be just what you’re looking for. These weddings aren’t traditional and often incorporate elements from the couple’s favorite things. For example, a couple may share a love of art, comic books, or movies, or they may want to host their wedding at a museum or renovated movie theatre. Whatever the theme is, it is important to select the right wedding decorations and outfits early on, as the theme will dictate the look and feel of the entire day.

If you’d like to make your wedding a social event, you could use a hashtag as the main theme. This can be an elegant, fun way to incorporate your theme. A couple could also use custom Snapchat filters to display the hashtag, or create a social media scavenger hunt. They could also use a photo booth to display live updates from the hashtag. These creative ideas can be very easy to incorporate. A great way to create a social media theme for your wedding is to have a social wall where guests can see and share their updates.

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