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What Are Some Of The Biggest Myths Related To Government Exams?

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Every year lakhs of youngsters appear for the government exams. They want to clear the exam to get a prestigious government job. But it is quite a herculean task to clear a government exam. See competition is very intense. Moreover, there are several myths and rumors which are constantly spread among aspirants. These myths try to mislead the students into believing something which might not be true at all. It becomes important to clear these myths and present the truth to the students. We want the students to prepare very well for their exams without any distraction or getting swayed by any misleading information. 

It can be hard to differentiate between reality and myth. If there are some common rumors circulating among a group of students then the majority will tend to believe it or at least get influenced to a certain extent. Peer pressure plays a vital role in the circulation of myths. But don’t worry. In this article, we’ll present the true facts and reality behind these myths so that the cloud of confusion and delusions can be removed from your mind forever. Are you an SSC aspirant? Do you want to better your preparations? If yes then we suggest you join the finest SSC coaching in Delhi

Now, read the article to understand the realities behind common myths circulating about the government exams

Myth 1- You need to be exceptionally brilliant to clear the government exam

Truth- This is a very common perception that government exams are meant only for the brightest minds. The toppers are the only ones capable of clearing these exams. This myth acts as a huge roadblock and a source of demotivation for other students. Let us tell you that you don’t need to be a topper or extraordinarily brilliant to crack government exams. You might be surprised to know that many toppers and graduates from esteemed universities fail to clear these exams. But those who are average in studies have managed to clear them. You can go to youtube and find many such stories which thus validate our claim. Therefore, you just focus on preparing well. Thinking about the results beforehand is an absolutely futile task that won’t render any benefit except creating unnecessary anxiety and demotivation in the minds of students

Myth 2- The syllabus is too vast and difficult

Truth- Yes there is no denying the fact that the syllabus for government exams includes so many topics and concepts. It covers various aspects and tests your skills in a variety of subjects. But again if you properly plan your study routine then you can finish your syllabus within the scheduled time. If you chalk out a proper plan then it can be easy to finish the syllabus.. If you would have attempted olympiads or other school-level competitive exams you’ll surely have a good idea already. Don’t fear the syllabus of government exams. Just make sure you find out those topics which are difficult and then spend time preparing them with full dedication and commitment. After a few months of dedicated preparation, the same syllabus which you found too hard, in the beginning, will be much easier for you. Hence, don’t worry about the lengthy syllabus.

Myth 3- It is impossible to clear government exams  on the first attempt 

Truth- Many students feel that it is nearly impossible to crack a government exam on the first attempt. Well, let us tell you that this is not true. Basically, those who are appearing for the first time might not have complete details about the process. They will be more anxious as it will be their first experience. But if the preparations are foolproof then what is there to worry about?  And talking about the exam day fears than just read all the instructions very carefully, carry the necessary documents and you are all set to conquer the government exam and sail towards victory. If you are preparing for bank exams and wish to clear on the first attempt then you need to join this platform providing excellent bank coaching in Delhi

Myth 4- You need to study extensively for the whole day 

Truth- This is another common myth about government exams that you have to study crazily for 16-17 hours daily. You need to wake up at 4 in the morning and start your preparations. Well, it’s no joke. Many aspirants are making vlogs talking about their unhealthy study habits and promoting them. Millions of views on such useless information show that students think that they should not do anything else but sit and prepare for the government exam the whole day. Students often compromise on sleep. There are many students who just sleep for 2-3 hours. See proper sleep is essential to do wonders in your exam. It will make your mind freshen up. You should not be looking at the number of hours but the number of efforts and dedication you’re putting in while preparing for your exam. If you keep on studying for 13-14 hours but without proper concentration and a sleepy mind then the number of hours doesn’t really matter.

Summing it up

So, folks, we hope you would no longer believe in these popular myths. The truth and the facts are all in front of you. Now you have to make sure you read them properly so as to remove any uncertainties from your mind. You’ll surely nail your exam if you have the determination and the passion to do so. 

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