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What Are The Key Elements of Any Proactive Cybersecurity Program?

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Proactive cybersecurity measures can be a company’s first and last line of defense against cyberattacks. Cybersecurity is no longer just about prevention, but also containment and recovery. Cybersecurity will no longer be a priority for some companies, but essential to all. Gone are the days of thinking that if you simply have the latest technology, you will not be attacked. That is no longer true.

What is a Cybersecurity Program?

Building a cybersecurity program is important for each company. The program needs to be established, run and maintained by each business, with a process and structure that fits the needs of that business. Your organization has chosen to adopt cybersecurity best practices as well as establish a cybersecurity infrastructure to keep your business safe with the help of dark web monitoring companies. It is very important that you build this program based on the elements outlined in this section to ensure you are getting the right mix of controls needed to have the right defense against cybercrime. Not all businesses need the same controls, but all will need some control elements in place. A wide range of cyber attacks can occur, depending on how a company is structured and how it does business.

Significance of Cybersecurity Program:

There are many benefits to having an effective cybersecurity program in place. A well-formed cybersecurity program can benefit not only the company, but also your customers. Your customers and business partners will have more confidence in your ability to protect their information and data, which will also increase their confidence in doing business with you. Although it may seem like a daunting task at first, forming a cybersecurity program is easier than you might imagine .

Below are some of the reasons to establish a strong cybersecurity group:

• To comply with corporate and industry regulations regarding information security standards

• To protect against threats from cybercriminals who seek access to sensitive data

• To build trust and confidence from clients, customers or employees so they feel safe in doing business with you .

Advantages of Cybersecurity Program:

The advantages of having a cybersecurity program in place include:

• Provides an additional layer of defense, giving a strong and layered approach to cyber security;

• Helps protect your company’s network and data from malicious activities, such as unauthorized access attempts and attacks, denial of service (DoS) attacks, password and credential theft rings, lateral movement in networks and the theft of information;

• Is another layer of protection against policy violations that occur through human error or poor judgment;

• Provides extra certainty to companies since they can have confidence that the company is protecting itself.  There are ways to keep these security measures updated on a regular basis so they represent the current state of control measures.

Key Elements of Cyber Security Program:

In order to have a proactive cybersecurity program, companies need to fully understand three key elements:

1) Logging and Monitoring:

Logging and monitoring should be done at several layers in your network. First it needs to be done at the network layer with an Intrusion Detection System or IDS. The IDS should also be able to detect anomalies through log correlation and behavioral analysis or behavioral detection technology. Anomaly detection monitors your network and looks for the behaviors that do not match those of normal network patterns. When there is a discrepancy, it raises an alert and investigation takes place.

2) Configuring Network Devices:

Network devices are important in the security of your network. These devices should be configured and patched regularly to ensure all vulnerabilities have been addressed. For example, routers, firewalls and all security appliances should be configured properly, updated and patched regularly to ensure that you are aware of what’s on your network.

Another key element is for your security tools to be able to communicate with each other through a central management platform and database. This can be achieved by using a database such as Splunk or Netwitness that provides real-time information sharing across different vendors’ tools.

3) Security Operations Center:

The third element of a cyber cybersecurity program is to make sure you have a security operations center in place so that you are constantly aware of the security situation your network is in. This can be done by hiring someone full-time or part-time to monitor and report on the state of your security posture. They will also be responsible for reporting any vulnerabilities they find to you and keeping each other informed.

4) Defensive Tools:

There are many best practices that you can use to form a strong cybersecurity program and achieve the desired security posture. Some of these controls include:

• Network segmentation — This is the practice of separating different parts of your network into different sections. This helps limit access if a rogue employee or hacker breaks into one part of your network. It also gives you more control when it comes to prioritizing security measures against each section of your network, depending on where sensitive information or other valuable data is located and how critical that data is to your business.

• Redundancy — Is another important concept to keep in mind when it comes to cybersecurity. This is when you make sure that you have multiple backups available in case one is compromised. This will allow you to counter the effects of a breach, should one occur.

• Firewall — Typically, a firewall is a rule based security tool that monitors network traffic in real time and allows or blocks access to the network based on specific rules set by a security administrator.  Firewalls can be used for perimeter protection as well as for internal network segmentation.

• Encryption — Encryption is the practice of encoding sensitive data into encrypted form prior to transmitting it across your network or storing it in any form of system storage, including databases or logs.


A cybersecurity program is an essential part of a strong security plan, but it’s only one piece. Businesses need to make sure they have the right cybersecurity tools and technologies in place to protect against threats. The goal is for businesses to not just build a strong cyber security program, but also adopt best practices when it comes to data protection and security as well. Investing in dark web monitoring companies is something that everyone should take seriously, regardless of the size or industry of your business.

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