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What are the Major Advantages of Having an Eyebrow Transplant?

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An eyebrow transplant makes an ideal eyebrow hair loss treatment. This is because the surgery offers long-term results. Suppose you are not happy with the current appearance of your eyebrows and are looking for a permanent solution. The procedure is performed by a cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon who works by transferring your hair follicles.

The process might appear direct, but some aspects are required to consider, from the costs to risks and side effects. To learn more about the benefits of this surgery, keep reading.

What is an Eyebrow Transplant?

An eyebrow is a cosmetic process where hair grafts are transferred to your brows. New hair will grow from these grafts, creating a fuller look. You can opt for this procedure if you cannot grow fuller brows.

The surgeon can use a different approach based on your eyebrow restoration goals. If you want to reconstruct your eyebrows from scratch, you can opt for an eyebrow process. Other than that, patchy brows can also be treated using an eyebrow transplant to help make them thicker.

Since this procedure requires a high degree of precision to make them perfect, it poses some challenges if you compare them to hair transplant procedures. But the cost of an eyebrow transplant is typically low. The leading techniques used for this surgery are usually FUE and FUT. Most patients opt for FUE compared to FUT because it will not leave you with a linear scar in the donor area.

The Procedure?

The actual hair transplant process is the same as a hair transplant. Hair grafts will be collected from the back of your scalp or above your ears during this procedure. The surgeon will transfer not just individual hair but the hair follicles. It helps ensure that new hair grows in your eyebrows after the first fall.

After the surgeon has given you local anesthesia, the surgeon will make some incisions at the donor area and the area of your transplantation in your eyebrows. The entire process will take about two to three hours. Doctors mostly use the FUE technique, which involves collecting healthy hair follicles from the donor area of your scalp using a punch that leaves no linear on the site.

Preparing the harvested hair follicles to be transplanted into the brow site is usually done under a microscope to help ensure that the number of hair grafts is enough to cover the affected area of your brows.

The hair strands will then be transplanted into the tiny holes in the recipient area. Much care will be taken when performing this process since placing hair follicles needs high precision. The surgeon must identify the hair follicles at a right angle to get a natural outcome. Recovery takes a shorter period because the whole process is microsurgical. You will not experience any infection or complications from the process. And just a short time after the surgery, you will begin to experience full eyebrows that appear natural.

Who Benefits from an Eyebrow Hair Loss Treatment?

You might opt for an eyebrow hair restoration treatment for several reasons. Some of the reasons to choose an eyebrow hair loss treatment are;

  • Hair loss treatment resulting from damaged hair follicles in your brow area
  • Trichotillomania Ania
  • Over plucked brows
  • Genetic hair loss in the brows

Significant Benefits of an Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrows play a huge role in everyone because they complement facial features. Therefore, shaping and grooming them well tend to bring your best attributes, especially in the T-zone. Because both men and women are self-conscious regarding their appearance, most of them will try some make-up to improvise.

Some might even use microblading, a semi-permanent procedure for eyebrow restoration. All other eyebrow hair restoration methods do not match this procedure since it offers a permanent outcome with a more natural appearance. Fake eyebrows are usually not cost-effective since they will not last long. And you will as well be required to renew them constantly.

But on the other hand, eyebrow transplants provide you with a more natural and personalized appearance that will last a permanent solution. Suppose you are not yet convinced of an eyebrow loss treatment. Here are the ten reasons to opt for the treatment.

Provides Permanence

The eyebrow hair transplant process is permanent. After the surgery, you will enjoy natural and lasting results.

Creates thicker brows

After this hair restoration treatment, you will enjoy thicker and well-shaped brows.Other Eyebrow Hair Restoration benefits include; 

  • The treatment is usually hassle-free
  • It enhances your facial look
  • It also enhances the length and overall shape of your eyebrows
  • Boosts your self-esteem
  • Offers natural-looking outcome
  • It helps in covering marks and scars
  • Removes frequent threading

After the eyebrow transplant procedure, you will get the most satisfactory outcome if you aim to refill or reshape your eyebrows. It is done the same way that a hair transplant is performed. The only distinction is the recipient site which is the brow area. Once your transplanted hair survives, the hair follicles will continue growing for the rest of your life.

How Long the Hair Transplant Takes to Heal

The best thing about this procedure is achieving more luscious eyebrows. Because the donor’s hair comes from your scalp or the body hair, the eyebrows will appear more natural. Most patients prefer this treatment since it does not cause discomfort or pain during and after the surgery. You can recover quickly from this procedure in about 5 to 7 days.


An eyebrow hair loss treatment offers you a long-term outcome. Patients who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their eyebrows should opt for this surgery to get a more permanent solution. But the outcome of this procedure can vary, and some complications can arise from the surgery. Even if eyebrow transplants seem like simple procedures, you need to look for a qualified and reputable surgeon who will provide the best job possible.

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