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WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH A Certificate IV in IT?

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Australia’s tech sector is thriving more than ever, with record advances in employment and education in Certificate IV in IT.

Last year, the Department of Education listed information technology as one of the top four fields with the fastest application growth, ranking fourth behind architecture and building, natural and physical sciences, and society and culture.

Subject-only enrollments in the ICT area increased dramatically in 2018 to 52,770, up from 31,410 the previous year.

These high student numbers who are studying for Certificate IV in IT augur well for the business, as skills needs are likely to increase, with figures predicting a need for an additional 100,000 ICT workers in Australia by 2024.

A Diploma in Information Technology can provide new and aspiring professionals with the core skills needed to pursue entry-level positions in the area.


Graduates with a Certificate IV in IT might seek entry-level work or internships in the sector. The following are expect career outcomes of this qualification:

Officer of ICT Support

These specialists are in charge of maintaining a company’s technology and diagnosing and fixing any technical issues that arise.

Professional in Computer Networking

This profession includes the upkeep and management of a company’s network systems, which are frequently monitor, analyze, and adjust to improve performance and architecture.

Software Developer or Programmer

These roles, which revolve around the design, development, and maintenance of program code following user needs and system requirements, are prevalent and in great demand in the ICT industry.

Web Designer

These experts create, construct, and maintain high-functioning audio-visual Internet websites using a combination of creativity, visual artistry, and programming knowledge.

According to Job Outlook, these jobs are expect to develop rapidly between now and 2023, with plenty of opportunities for full-time work. While formal qualifications aren’t require for most of these positions, a diploma can help you stand out in the job market by providing further, convincing documentation of your technical talents.


Of course, a Certificate IV in IT potential isn’t restrict to the sector. This qualification’s skills can be used in a wide range of occupations, including ones that aren’t necessarily tech-relate.

According to the Australian Industry Skills Committee, 51 percent of ICT workers have engaged outside “ICT-specific” businesses.

These findings are not surprising given the digital revolution’s impact across industries. Certificate IV in IT skills are increasingly value in most, if not all, areas, with projections indicating that 90 percent of the Australian workforce will require at least basic IT proficiency in the future years or risk losing their job opportunities.

You can also use your diploma skills to seek a career in finance, healthcare, or education.

Financial technology, or “fintech,” is on the rise worldwide, with Australia seeing a five-fold increase in fintech companies in only five years. In 2019, its usage rate was 58 percent, with businesses on the lookout for app developers and security engineers to assure rapid, convenient, and safe online transactions.

The healthcare industry relies heavily on advance technologies. So with many companies relying on IT professionals for hardware and software maintenance, network management, data analysis, and data science projects.

Finally, as “online learning” becomes more popular in the global education industry. IT experts will increasingly need to design tools, platforms. So mobile apps to offer seamless, interactive digital learning experiences.


Students who earn an IT diploma can choose to advance their education by pursuing a higher degree.

A Diploma in Information IT delves into the fundamentals of administering and maintaining a company’s technology systems and architecture. Individuals with this certification are prepare to seek support or entry-level positions; however, an Advanced Diploma in Information Technology in Australia can provide. The necessary career boost for individuals seeking higher-level, specialized opportunities.

According to MySkills, an advanced diploma in the sector can increase not just one’s. ICT capabilities but also their process improvement and business skills. Those who graduate at this level can pursue more senior, managerial IT roles, which are also expect to grow in demand.

You may also decide to specialize. After mastering the fundamentals, you might want to seek a beginner-level IT certification. Because such as those offered by CompTIA, Microsoft, and Cisco.


Along with looking for work or furthering your education. So you can use your newfound knowledge to create, contribute, or freelance for online IT initiatives.

Open-source projects are popular among new professionals because they allow you to share your skills while learning from other experts. These projects are online software that has make accessible for public usage, study, and modification, allowing coders worldwide to contribute suggestions for improvement or change. The open-source community enables new programmers to explore. But improve their coding skills, interact with others, and launch new, independent projects.

There are currently many online platforms for app development. TheAppBuilder, and app machine, providing you the opportunity to design. The next Snapchat or put your developer skills to use.

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