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What Does Your Company Avail Using a Corporate Intranet Portal?

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Facilitate communication

During the pandemic, a large number of businesses are facing unprecedented challenges in keeping their employees engaged and motivated. Keeping employees engaged is a lot more complicated when everyone is separated and working remotely. Combine that with the mental toll the pandemic has taken on us all, and it’s very difficult to keep everyone active and connected.

Through its various features, especially communication tools, senior managers can engage their employees faster. One of the main ways to achieve this is to give employees a voice and appropriate channels to express their opinions.

The various communication channels of the Corporate Intranet Portal can be of great help here. They provide a place for team members to express direct feedback, offer new ideas, express concerns, or talk about issues they may be facing (and share those cute cat pictures).

On top of that, various social media-like features like group chats, forum threads, and employee profiles also help. Workers can talk to them, have fun, become closer and truly be part of the community.

Build a corporate culture

An often overlooked corporate intranet portal is building a healthy company culture. As we first talked about, companies are now more than simple groups of people tied together by business interests. They are living communities and they respond to their surroundings.

Through the corporate intranet portal, you can help build a company culture that is warm, friendly, and welcoming. This will definitely make team members happier and increase productivity. Especially in a fully digital workplace where it is nearly impossible to organize things like team building, you will need all the tools at your disposal to create a connected company culture.

Numerous social features, combined with rich integrations, are a great way to do this, and employee intranet solution have it all.

Promote cooperation

Virtually all of the corporate intranet features we mentioned above help in one way or another to facilitate collaboration between employees and departments.

First, having an easy way to communicate—whether with your team members or across departments—helps employees work together. Instead of going through administration or sending countless emails, you can just connect and get work done via the intranet.

A unified communications hub can also help employees quickly come up with ideas or provide feedback that can lead to exciting new developments or improvements to your product or service. Also, since file sharing is easy on a good employee intranet solution, you can send important documents and blueprints back and forth in a timely manner. This eliminates endless waiting for them to be faxed or emailed.

With an corporate intranet portal even fully remote teams can work together from the comfort of their home without interruptions and slowdowns.

Increase productivity and streamline workflow

Finally, Employee Intranet Solution help improve the overall productivity of a company and simplify basic business processes.

Important company news and updates can be sent quickly to keep everyone updated. File sharing and messaging make communication and collaboration easy. An employee directory makes life easier for HR and management, while helping employees connect and improving the employee experience for new hires.

On top of that, the intranet can also be used as a content management system, which makes content creation and collaboration much easier.

Taken together, all the capabilities of a company intranet help to dramatically increase productivity by optimizing and speeding up otherwise tedious tasks.

Now that we’ve covered the many ways an intranet can help your company, it’s your job to choose the right one for your business. There are a lot of company intranets out there, so choosing one from the many options can be challenging.

To help you, here are the main features and functions you should be looking for in your company intranet.

    Mobile app and multi-platform availability

    easy to use

    Powerful file sharing

    multi-channel communication

    rich integration

    cloud access


    Top-notch security

Fortunately, you can find all of these features and more at! Our secure instant messaging platform is more than just a simple communication tool – it also comes with its private team network with all the features you might expect on a company intranet and more. check it out. Private Team Network

The Private Team Network is just one of many features of our messaging platform. It’s feature-rich and includes useful tools that allow you to manage how your team collaborates and communicates, increasing productivity. It’s like an overloaded company employee intranet solution with tons of extra sound tools.

First, our private team network – and our entire platform – has military-grade security. It allows administrators and administrators to set file access permissions, view user activity (and set deletion times), and even comes with its own antivirus system to prevent any malware from sneaking in.

In addition to being protected from malware, all files and communications transmitted over the network are protected by advanced end-to-end encryption, preventing espionage by malicious third parties.

Administrators can also control who each employee can communicate with within the digital workplace, preventing unauthorized or ineffective communication.

Private team networks are highly customizable. Through the web control panel, administrators can switch the functions of each user at will.

All in all, if you’re looking for the best corporate intranet solution, you can try our platform for free, no credit card required.

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