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What To Do to Have the Best Easy Home Shifting Experience in India?

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If you are planning for a household move in India, then this blog is a must-read for you. I will let you know the best points and tips that will help you have the best home shifting experience in India within your budget. All you have to do is hire professional packers and movers in India and plan your move as they suggest or guide you.

Home shifting is truly strenuous and tiring. Once you start the process, there’s no way to go back. This is why it is important to plan your move with proper preparations and arrangements. Only then you can have the best house shifting experience in India.

In this blog, you will learn the things you should consider while planning your move and also how to book the best home packers and movers in India. Continue reading…

Step-by-step Guide to Plan and Prepare for a Household Move in India

How to Plan Your Move

I will start this guide with the tips to plan your move. When you start planning your move, you must have an idea of all the things listed below. Only then, you can expect to have the best and most hassle-free relocation experience.

·       How will you move?

With this, I want to tell you that there are two different methods to relocate home – do it yourself and hire professional packers and movers. And it’s important to decide as early as possible as you will plan things accordingly.

Decide how you will relocate your home. If you do it yourself, then you will have to arrange packaging materials and book a rental truck for transporting your belongings. And plan other things accordingly. But, when you book a house shifting company in India, then you are only responsible for preparing the goods for the move. The rest will be done by professionals only. They will bring their own packing supplies and vehicle to pack and transport your belongings.

So, now it’s up to you how you will relocate and plan things accordingly.

·       What will you carry?

Everything you will carry will affect packers and movers charges or your home shifting costs. Hence, it’s important to know what to carry and what to leave behind. This will help you lessen the burden of moving loads of goods as well as moving costs.

When it comes to what to carry, then look for the goods that are extremely important and make a list of those items. The inventory will also assist your movers to determine the accurate cost of your household move. The rest goods are those that you don’t want to move. You can give away them to your friends or neighbors (if they want), sell, or donate them. This way you get rid of all the unwanted goods and carry only the essential ones.

·       When will you move?

The moving date is one of the major cost-affecting factors of packers and movers services. Hence, decide when you will relocate. And not only the cost, but also you will not get packers and movers services if you will not book a few weeks before your moving date. So, make sure you’re having enough time on your hand to book house shifting services.

·       Whom to inform?

There are a few people, whom you will have to inform about your move this includes your landlord, banks, workplace, utility companies, service providers, neighbors, and relatives. But, the time to inform them may vary for various reasons. For ex- you will have to inform your landlord at least 30 days before moving, while your utility companies should be informed a week or two before you relocate. Inform all the important persons and suppliers before you move out.

This is how you will plan your move. Now, let’s see the things you will have to do to have the best easy home shifting experience in India.

Things to Do to Relocate Home

Book movers

Without their assistance, home relocation is challenging. Search for the best home shifting companies in India that are relevant to your move. If you want to have the best home shifting experience, then search for experienced and professional home movers and packers. You can do online research for this or ask your friends and colleagues, they can refer some good options to you.

Hire the one that best fits your requirements and budget, too. But, do not forget to verify the company’s credentials that confirm they are legit service providers in the market.

Categorize the goods

Before the movers will come, categorize the goods and let your movers only pack the ones you are bringing to your new house. Movers will not categorize the items based on their uses. Hence, you should do this before the arrival of the movers.

Make a to-do list

The things you will do throughout the moving process should be noted on paper.  This means you will have to make a moving checklist that will let you know the things you are supposed to do during the move.

Pack your clothes

The more the packers will pack, the higher they will charge. So, pack all your clothes and other important belongings. Use plastic garbage bags to pack your clothes. You can pack them already hung in the wardrobe along with the hangers. This is the easiest way to pack your clothes in a few seconds.

Take pictures

Take pictures of the wires in the back of your TV and other electrical appliances, so you can set them up in your new home easily.

Instruct your movers on the moving day

When finally your movers will arrive at the moving day, instruct them to work according to your requirements. Let them know what things to pack and what goods need special treatment.

If you do all these things that are mentioned above, you will relocate safely and smoothly. No matter whether you are moving for the first time or have done it many times before, you will just experience the best household relocation ever.

In Conclusion,

Home shifting in India may not an easy task for an individual, but with the help of professional packers and movers and proper planning, you can make your move an easy and hassle-free experience for yourself.

Author: Monali Swain

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