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Limousine rentals for your bachelor party or wedding day might be the most effective way to make your event memorable. Whether for a bachelor party or a wedding ceremony 

Because you are about to live a perfectly unique day in your life you have seen things in a big way. You have not hesitated to book an elegant reception venue which you have embellished with a refined wedding decoration. And you have selected an elegant wedding dress and an elegant wedding suit for your companion.

In terms of transportation, what could be more glamorous than a limousine? Your union deserves the best, and it would be a shame to stop your efforts and choose any other vehicle.

You may be considering renting this type of cheap car service for the first time. Below is some information to assist you in making an informed decision.

Why Choose a Limo?

What drives so many married couples to choose the limousine as a means of transportation on D-Day? Simply this image of prestige and luxury that reflects this mythical vehicle.

Exceptional day, Exceptional transport! 

This is also the logic of many bachelor parties where we find this same type of car. Imagine being surrounded by your girlfriends in long evening dresses, sitting in the back of your personal limo with driver. You will not forget this great moment!

Which Address?

We advise you to contact a reputable company rather than an individual. These companies have the advantage of being able to establish a contract. In addition, they can guarantee insurance in rules as well as the regular maintenance of their vehicle. Make sure your limousine rental agency has an official license, professional insurance for passenger transportation, and professional liability insurance.

Choose a company that has a large fleet of limousines so that it can quickly offer an equivalent model if the reserved vehicle cannot be found. Professional car rental companies have a network of professional chauffeurs who can make sure you and your beautiful mermaid wedding dress will be taken care of.

When should I book?

Make sure you book your wedding Limo decor before you choose it for the top of your limousine. Do not expect to find your dream car at the last minute; these vehicles are very popular. Ideally, you should contact the company with the car of your dreams between 3 and 6 months prior to the wedding.

Which type of Limousine to Choose?

Limousines are generally available for hire in three types: Mercedes Benz S class for up to three passengers; Lincoln Wave with a length of nine meters for eight passengers.

Finally the Lincoln, also 9 meters and for 8 people, has a 3rd door on the same side allowing the bride and her companion to appear at the same time, she in her strapless wedding dress, he in his wedding suit Hugo Boss brand new!

The limousines are also distinguished from each other by their interior equipment Air conditioning, telephone, television, smoke machine, LED lighting, mini-bar it’s up to you to see if you want to convert your car into a real wedding animation! 

A limousine’s color will also be an important consideration. The most traditional colors of limousine are black and white, but black is regarded as the most elegant shade. White has a more glamorous side, bling-bling. Finally, the most eccentric may be tempted by the pink limousine.

How does the rental rate Include services?

When booking your Limousine you must inquire about the services included in the rental rate Some packages charge for renting the limousine on one hand, and the other moving part is usually based on the number of kilometers to go. Do not forget to inquire about the mileage service included in their offer.

A limousine service for a bachelor party or wedding usually includes non-alcoholic drinks and a bottle of champagne. The presence of a chauffeur is also commonly included in the package cost.

Make sure you read your rental contract thoroughly to understand the benefits included in the package to prevent unpleasant surprises

How much does it Cost ?

Limousine rentals are not very affordable This type of vehicle is more expensive than a conventional vehicle. For wedding services, rental rates usually range between 500 and 700 dollars, or up to 900 dollars for services such as champagne and red carpets.

Ensure that you are informed of the agency’s overtime policy. Overtime can be billed around 115 dollars per hour.

Hire a limousine for your wedding whether it is a classic, chic or trendy wedding. Do not hesitate to customize your vehicle with the owner’s permission by hanging a beautiful wedding floral arrangement.

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