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Why Do Dogs Lick and Chew Their Paws

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If your dog has been licking his paws, it’s best to discover the root cause and if it’s a medical issue that needs the visit of a vet. There are myriad of reasons for dogs to chew or lick their paws.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to determine the reason for the paw licking, as well as identifying other signs, and taking care of and protecting your dog’s paws.

Why Dogs Chew or Lick Their Paws

Dogs may occasionally lick their paws in the course of grooming routines. Are Birds Mammals? However, if your dog is continuously licking his paws or you observe that your dog is licking one particular paw it could be a different reason.


The presence of flake-like particles in the fur of a dog can indicate dry skin which may occur in particular areas or at certain times of the year.

Creams for moisturizing that are designed for dogs and omega-3 supplements can ease the dryness of skin.

Hot Spots

“Hot spots” are the localized areas of inflammation that result from repeated scratching or licking of the area. It’s a reaction to extreme itchiness, which usually occurs over the course of a night. It is common to see hair loss as well as red, moist and itchy skin.

A topical anti-inflammatory, as well as antimicrobial spray for dogs, can assist in treating a hot area on the paw of a dog until the root of the problem is identified. Hydrocortisone sprays applied to the skin can assist.

Use Dog Chew Toys

Introduce your puppy with age-appropriate chew toys before they are too old can keep household objects from becoming objects of teething. The chew toys specifically for puppies have smaller mouths, and are more supple as adult toys since puppies’ teeth are more susceptible to breaking easily. However, they must be strong enough to withstand the forceful mouthing.

Incorporate Healthy Eating

The responsibility of a puppy with teeth will also require taking care of his teeth. Select puppy food so that your puppy receives an appropriate diet that is balanced that includes minerals and vitamins, such as calcium. This will aid your puppy’s adult teeth grow normally. Blue Buffalo puppy food and Taste of the Wild puppy food are both options that are specifically designed for growing puppies.

Bacterial Infection

Bacterial infections can occur when the skin has been damaged and normal skin bacteria grow. Scabs can be accompanied by the appearance of flaky skin, redness and hair loss. More

A medicated shampoo for dogs or a dog wash that is used regularly will help restore the balance of the organisms on the skin of your dog.


Another source of infections when allowed to multiply and cause itching as well as odor and general greasy feeling to the skin. Can Dogs Eat Asparagus

To combat to treat a yeast infection on the dog’s paws you can use medicated dog shampoos and dog wipes mixed with antifungal products to control yeast in the skin.

Solution Answer Doctor Brown advises

limiting the amount of food that you feed your pet and ensuring that you’re observing his intake of the kibble. She also suggests that pet owners improve their pets’ weight-loss schedules, even though it involves experimenting with. 

“If the weather is cold or the pet owner isn’t able to exercise regularly, put the dog on a leash and let them take some laps around your backyard or home. You can also put a leash around your dog and take them for an excursion around interior of the home,” says Dr. Brown. “Anything will encourage him to move.”

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