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Why do we use Packaging for Products?

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Great products are always the center of attraction for the customers and prove successful for your business. The first thing which customers see is your product’s packaging. By packaging the brands well you can make them purchase it as well as recommend them to their friends. The main purpose of packaging is to protect the product inside and keep it safe till it reaches to the final consumer. It also delivers useful information about its storage and nutrition. Moreover, it is one of the best ways to create your brand recognition and make it successful. Below are some more reasons why we use packaging for products:

Provides Physical Protection:

The primary purpose of a product’s packaging is to provide physical protection to the product. It keeps them safe due to any damage caused by being crushed, dropped, or vibrated during the transition. If the product is a food item, then the function of packaging is even more. Packaging guards the edibles against dust, atmospheric moisture, temperature changes, contamination, and light or microscopic bugs. It keeps the contents safe till it reaches the final consumer. Moreover, in order to increase its shelf life and keep the food safe from pre-mature spoilage, packaging plays a significant role. The packaging of the food products keeps them airtight, to prevent them from getting sullied.

Displays Information:

Packaging acts as a billboard to display information to the customers about your products as well as your company. Most of the information which cannot be given in advertisements or verbally can be explained well-using packaging. This information includes a description of the product, its ingredients and benefits, way to use and after effects, etc. The packaging reflects the company’s values, personality, and processes. For example, if you make a symbol of recycling of your product’s packaging, it reflects the customers that you use recyclable material and concerns about the environment and sustainability.

Creates Brand Recognition:

Brand recognition is created when customers can identify your products by just having a view of them or their attributes without even reading their names. For example, Apple has become a market leader by creating a minimalistic packaging design different from its competitors. People can easily recognize its brand by its attractive logo which makes people identify it at first sight. The best way to create and maintain brand recognition is to practice uniformity in the color, font, images, logo, and style of packaging of your products. It is important to note that once a company establishes brand recognition, it hardly undergoes significant changes in packaging design. Coca-Cola is a well-recognized brand as it keeps its iconic logo and packaging attributes the same, although it keeps on adding new beverage containers to its product line over time.

Differentiates Your Products from that of Competitors:

Packaging can do much more than you may think of. In addition, creating brand recognition differentiates your products from that of competitors. Even if your competitors give the same offering it can make your brand look distinct and acquire a special place in the eyes of customers. Tiffany and Co. is a jewelry maker with a large number of rivals. But it can be easily distinguished from its competitors in the way they package the pieces not in the way they are designed. These effective packagings grab the customers’ attention and make it different from others in the market.

Eases Transportation and Ensures Effective Product Display:

Whenever you are deciding which type of packaging best suits your product, go for the packaging which makes it easy to transport and makes your products display well in the retail stores. Packaging not only transports a product safely but also makes it store effectively by minimizing the occupied space and making consumption longer. Packaging can make it be transported at great distances without having the fear of any harm. But if your product’s packaging box is not in the appropriate shape, it can make difficult it to transport and can cost more than the actual. The use of custom product boxes is the best way to solve all problems relating to the transportation of products. They not only protect the products but also make them acquire a beautiful display on shelves. Customers always prefer to pick up the product with an attractive display occupying minimal space. By selecting the perfect packaging you can not only make more products sell but also give your retailers a chance to make extra money.

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