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Why Hire Dedicated Developers Instead Of Freelancers?

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Hiring a dedicated developer from a reputed company aids in the growth of your business and the quality of your services. A software company will always upgrade the work with high-quality and durable tools from its own software development team as well as enterprise-level solutions. You need to be informed of the possible consequences before hiring a freelancer. Before beginning the hiring process, you should evaluate the testimonials provided on their prior jobs. To prevent any issues, you should be aware of the whereabouts of any freelancers in advance.

 A freelancer must be trustworthy enough to see your project to completion and maintain a positive business relationship.

Reasons To Choose Dedicated Developers

One of the most critical decisions you will have to make is whether to hire a full-time developer or a freelancer. This could have a big effect on the rest of your project. 

In this blog, we’ll go into more detail on why hiring dedicated developers rather than freelancers are best for your project. 


The success of the business they are involved in is not really a concern to freelancers. When the agreement’s term is up, they go for their next project. Companies or individual business owners must re-start a time-consuming and difficult hiring process.

In comparison,  we can recruit a suitable replacement for any developer who leaves for any reason very quickly. This is so because a company cherishes its reputation and is, therefore, more interested in a long-term partnership and good feedback.

Availability of talent

The skill pool in companies is among the biggest reasons for hiring a dedicated development team. You will have the opportunity to select from a large talent pool based on your technical requirements by employing specialized developers. This implies that you can ask companies to send you a developer who meets your needs. 

Other common dilemma you can have is to choose whether an offshore development company over a freelancer.

Stability and Commitment

The dedicated developers try to work with total dedication to your project, which includes meeting all of your needs and completing all of your demands. There won’t be anything else to divert them. This ensures stability and a high standard of output. 

Whereas, Freelancers are allowed to work on several projects at once. While freelancers keep to flexibility, dedicated developers place greater emphasis on consistency and reliability. You never know when freelancers will start working because they frequently hold onto things that cause them to pay their own way.

Continual and quality service

This is yet another advantage of having a dedicated development team in addition to end-to-end service. Full-time developers who are committed to a project usually deliver high-quality services on schedule. As a result, there is trust between the development team and the project leader. There will be a daily timetable followed by a group of committed individuals working full-time. This increases the project’s overall productivity and development pace and is a problem that is often faced by freelance developers.

You will receive regular updates on your project from dedicated professionals to check the work and prevent issues at a later stage, Freelancers usually deliver the final product.

Transparent Communication 

There is no assurance that a freelancer will always be accessible to respond to your inquiries or provide you with updates on the progress of your project. This is particularly the case if you’re working with a team of freelancers who are located in various time zones. 

Keeping them all in line could prove to be a hassle. For a dedicated development team, a project manager is in charge of all communication. If you want to know which team members are working on a certain project or whether an issue has been fixed, you can communicate at any time.


If you’re considering hiring offshore developers, this is one of the significant aspects. Your company’s sensitive information, data, ideas, and everything else in the project are safer with dedicated developers because you’re working with a reputable corporation. You will sign a formal contract obligating the outsourcer to keep your private stuff confidential. 

Besides this, if freelancers are hired to work on the same project and some of your information is taken, it may be impossible to find the offender. Therefore, using freelancers on your project carries some risks.

After-Release Support

After a project is delivered, it needs support and maintenance (adding new features, updating the existing ones, and ensuring a failure-free operation). To avoid complications later, you might agree to a contract with an outsourcer to start providing all those services at the outset of your collaboration. After the project is finished, the dedicated development team is always accessible to provide you with the maintenance and support system, but freelancers are not accountable for fulfilling this task. You will need to spend more money if you require additional help from them.

Final thoughts

Choosing between full-time, devoted developers and freelancers for your projects is a challenging task, but the reality is that dedicated developers are better for your business than self-employed. Although hiring freelancers appear to be financially rewarding, the committed developers from any top-rated company will enhance the performance and reputation of your business. You will have to choose dedicated developers for getting high-quality work done on schedule and the security of maintenance and support is your top concern.

Hiring a committed development team helps increase your trust that the work will be done correctly and on schedule. Working with an experienced software company can undoubtedly boost the possibilities of both new and established businesses. And based on relevant considerations, we can conclude that hiring specialized developers is preferable to using a freelancer.

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