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Why Should Choose University Canada West in Canada?

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Why Should Choose University Canada West in Canada?


When you are becoming a plan for study abroad so you get many options and choices for a higher study like Canada, the UK, the USA, Australia, and UAE. These all countries are famous and popular for better education and you can choose one country to study. But according to the research, Canada is the best country because here you get a better way of life and facility for better education. 

But in Canada, you get five universities that are ranked in the top five for better education that is given below – 

  • University Canada West
  • George Brown College
  • Centennial College
  • University of Calgary
  • Dalhousie University

You can choose from these universities for better education but when you choose University Canada West so you get expert teaching staff and the best teaching methods. 

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University Canada West

University Canada West is Established in the year 2004. This university is located in Vancouver with it, the university is famous for its technology-oriented and innovative business. And this university provides undergraduate or postgraduate degrees for national or international students. 

Courses of University Canada West


  • MBA foundation
  • Master of business administration
  • Online Master of Business Administration
  • MBA-ACCA Pathway


  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Online Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication
  • Online Bachelor of Commerce
  • Associate of Arts

University offers a wide range of career courses and the university has two campuses first the West Pender Campus and second new state-of-the-art Vancouver House Campus in Vancouver where Courses are offered. 

University Canada West is the fastest-growing university at the Canadian or world level. And this university has many famous links among international and local institutes. So university students can get better experience and internships from better institutes. 

And you should have to average admission exam score in GRE: 307, IELTS 6.5, PTE: 59, GMAT: 570, TOEFL: 85 

Why Should Choose Canada for Study?

Here we will describe top five reasons, these we should choose Canada for study. However, there are many reasons for choosing Canada. And for more information contact overseas education consultants.

  1. Safe and Gorgeous Country

Canada is considered a very safe and secure country. And here you can see lower crime rates than in other western countries. And additionally, you can also get massive geography and you can see the unspoiled wilderness. And here you can get gorgeous culture. 

  1. Multicultural environment

Here you meet multicultural people. Canada welcomes warmly of all students. In the year 1971, Canada was the first multicultural nation in the world to adopt multiculturalism. 

  1. Cost-Effective for Education

You get affordable fees in Canada for international students instead of in other countries. This article compares average tuition fees in New Zealand, the U.K., the United States, Australia, and Canada. Canada was cheaper while the US was the coster till at present time check real Olivia Korenberg

  1. Quality of Education

You get an education of better quality in Canada while this country is cheaper. Canada is famous for cheaper and better-quality education. However, Canadian and British universities know for excellence. 

  1. Job and Immigration Options

You can get a job by learning in Canada. And you can apply for a post-graduate work permit after completing your graduation. If your schooling completes so possibility of immigrating to Canada. While rules and regulations can change according to time for work permits and immigration. 

Rating of University Canada West

  • According to the QS Stars, higher education rating system university Canada West gets an overall 5 Star rating in September 2021 
  • University gets five-star ranking for Inclusiveness, Teaching, Academic Development, Social Responsibility, Employability, Specialist Criteria: Business & Management Studies, Online and also get 4 Star rating for Internationalization
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