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Why Should You Hire a WordPress Developer To Speed Up Your WordPress Site?

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With the growing business, most of the business owners today prefer the WordPress platform looking at the huge potential it has. It can create a customized and pixel perfect design. 

It is one of the most accepted CMS platforms among all due to its ability to transform the website with all innovative ideas and creativity accompanied with updated technologies.

Now, what matters for the users is the speed of the platform. As faster the speed be, the users will have an ultimate experience which will lead to an increase in the number of visitors, page views, etc.

How Important is the Speed of Your WordPress Site?

In a recent study, it has been observed that the span of average human attention has been decreased from 12 seconds to 7 seconds which really left the website with very little time to showcase its content to the user.

Thus, if the website is slow and is taking time to open, then there is a very high possibility that the user might not wait for your website to open and load the content and will switch to some other site.

As per the study conducted by Strange Loop which involves big firms like Amazon and Google, even a delay of 1 sec in load time of the page results in a whopping loss of 7% in conversions, 11% lesser page views, and a 16% drop in the customer satisfaction.

Apart from that, even Google penalizes the website with less speed by showing them down in the search results which consequently leads to lower traffic to these websites.

Thus, in short, if you want to earn good revenue from your website, then you must have a good number of viewers for your website for which the speed of your WordPress site should be FAST.

Know Your Speed!

Now, it is very important for the owners of the website to know about the actual speed of their website. It is not as easy as checking it on your system and then be rest assured about the good speed. The speed of the website is different in different geographical locations, it also depends on what the user was browsing before your website. Thus, the owner can only rectify the speed if they know the actual speed of their website for which they must use the prescribed tool.

Factors Slowing Down the Speed of the WordPress Website:

The test report of the speed gives various suggestions on improvising certain technical factors which is not easy to understand for any new owner or beginner. Thus, one should hire wordpress developer to sort the issue. Reasons can be as stated below:

  • Size of the page may not be optimized due to heavy size images on the website.
  • If the configuration of web hosting is not done accurately.
  • Using Bad plugins can be one of the reasons.

There might be some other reasons as well which can be well understood by the dedicated WordPress programmers only.

Benefits of Hiring a WordPress Developer and How it Boosts the Speed of Your WordPress Site:

1. Developing Customized Websites as per Business Requirements

Websites developed on WordPress have good potential to divert the customer traffic towards them by creating unique and customized content as per the requirement of the business with the help of diverse plugins and themes.

Plugins contribute to not just SEO but also social media posting which overall makes the website apt for marketing. The functionality of the thousands of available plugins can be extended but only with the help of the developers.

2. Improved Functionality and Utility

WordPress developers have core knowledge of the coding techniques and the possible qualities which help them to design the content as per the business requirement.

They install the appropriate plugins and their technical expertise allows them to fix the bugs and errors. These ultimately modify the function of the website.

3. Website is Developed Considering SEO.

When the website is developed in accordance with the SEO then the website targets the potential customers and itself reaches them by being part of most of their search results.

The developer can optimize the scripts and images used on the website which improves their ranking in the google search.

4. Best Quality WordPress Sites to Allure the Audience.

To develop a site that results in heavy traffic needs a technically sound & experienced developer. There is a huge difference in the work of the beginner and the experienced person.

The qualified and knowledgeable developer understands the critical points from the beginning itself which can contribute to the smooth running of the website.

They can assure you the best output and that too in a very economical way.

5. Quality Support Service

The task does not just end by developing the website, the post service plays a crucial role in the long run of the website and seeking benefits from it.

Once the website is launched, the post maintenance service should be that good that it continuously keeps on increasing the number of customers being engaged on the website. The services also include protecting it from virus attacks, hackers, etc.

Once the correct support is not given the owner might lose the potential business expected from the website.

6. Punctuality With the Deadline to Finish the Work

As the professionals have already worked within ‘n’ number of clients so they know how precious the time of owners is, thus, they ensure that the website is ready and delivered within the committed time.

A WordPress development company is very committed regarding the on-time delivery which also shows their efficiency.

The above points conclude that a proficient WP developer with core knowledge of technical know-how, on-going and upcoming trends, market trends, and other PHP programming aspects, can result in a very good website which exactly suits the customer’s requirement.

They have in-depth knowledge of themes and plugins which makes them more structured and productive.

Thus, one should go for the professional’s WP developer for the best and satisfactory results which will ultimately help them to boost their business.

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