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Why You Need to Start a YouTube Channel

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Although everyone knows the magnitude of the power and relevance of YouTube, lots of brands still don’t own a YouTube channel. This is probably because they assume to know the essence of operating a channel on this popular social media channel.


If you are uncertain about whether you need a YouTube channel or not, you should consider the following benefits of having a channel.

  • It gives you access to your target audience

Nowadays, most individuals are on YouTube – both the young and the old. Therefore, regardless of the people that fall into your target audience, you can be certain that they are on this video-sharing platform. Some of these people are not interested in reading blog posts or checking out your offers on Instagram or other social channels. So, you must either meet them on YouTube or lose the chance to make them your audience.


Therefore, if you want to gain access to this group, you must pitch your offers on YouTube.

  • It serves as an additional source of traffic

Apart from Google, YouTube is considered the biggest search engine in the world. Although its content is mainly videos, this social media channel can play a key role in increasing the traffic you will get on your website. This is because your YouTube channel’s content can appear on the search results of people on Google and other search engines. As you get more YouTube views, you can also direct the viewers to check out the content of your website or other social media pages. Hence, your YouTube channel can offer you additional traffic.

  • It offers you another source of income

Although many businesses and individuals started YouTube channels for the fun of it, they are making tons of money out of them today. A few of the ways through which you can make money on YouTube include YouTube ads, selling video courses, etc. Otherwise, you can use affiliate marketing programs to make lots of money from your YouTube channel.


It should be understood that it may take a long way to get enough views to start making a substantial amount of money from your YouTube channel.

  • It helps you to stand out

Almost all digitally savvy businesses have blogs and social media pages for sharing different content with their audiences. Consequently, the competition is high if you are trying to market your product or service via these common channels. But many brands are still missing on YouTube. So, you can take advantage of starting a YouTube channel to stand out from the crowd.

  • It creates a better connection with your audience

When you share videos with your audience via YouTube, it tends to breed some sort of familiarity that blog posts cannot do. Also, it plays a key role in assisting you to create a community of followers who feels they know you personally, especially if you usually appear in your videos. In addition, YouTube videos make viewers feel as if they are with you as you are solving their challenges.

So, if you are interested in creating a better connection with your audience, starting a YouTube channel is recommended.

  • It helps you to offer your audience more content

It is important to understand that your audiences are following you because they want to receive awesome content from you. Of course, when you start a new YouTube channel, you are bound to create new video content for the channel. Therefore, starting a YouTube channel will encourage you to provide more content for your audience.

  • It assists you to stay in tune with the trend

Over the past few years, many young people are reliant on the internet. Resultantly, there is a growing trend of people learning, getting entertained, and receiving lots of information via YouTube. As noted by a study, around 60% of people prefer watching YouTube and other video-sharing channels to seeing live TV. It has been projected that video traffic will be responsible for more than 80% of all online traffic.

Therefore, you should realize that the fact that the trend is shifting towards the use of YouTube and other video-sharing platforms. So, if you are not on YouTube, you are not in tune with the trend.

  • It encourages you to be creative

Creating a YouTube video is quite different from other types of content. It is not something you can just do without carefully crafting what you want to share with your audience. While this can be quite challenging, it is noteworthy that it can go a long way in encouraging you to be creative. It encourages you to look for ways to pass your information to the audience in an understandable way. Therefore, you have no option but to channel your creativity into creating a YouTube.

So, if it seems as if you are losing your creative touches, it is time you started a YouTube channel.

  • It is an important part of content marketing

Since every business is advertising online and offline, consumers come across thousands of adverts daily. Unfortunately, this makes many of the ads to be counterproductive as the consumers can hardly remember or make any sense of them.

Given this, you need to have a powerful content marketing strategy that gets the attention of your target audience and creates a lasting impression. Although different options can be used for your content marketing, YouTube videos are usually more effective.

  • It gets you out of your comfort zone

Many people don’t start a YouTube video because it doesn’t seem like something comfortable. It is out of their comfort zone. However, staying in your comfort zone doesn’t help your business or brand. In fact, it can serve as a major hindrance to the progress of your brand.

If you are ready to get out of your comfort zone, then you should start a YouTube video today. It opens up a wide range of possibilities for your brand. It helps you to learn about some hidden potentials that you have.

So, if you want to enjoy these benefits, it is paramount to start a YouTube channel.

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